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4 Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology

The rapid revolution in the tech world has impacted the entire industry including pest control. So what are the latest innovations in pest control technology?

If you get used to a technique to kill mosquitoes and other pests as the only way to get rid of them then you should hurry up to expand your knowledge in this sphere.

The point is innovations also take place in pest control. You now have access to a variety of options to prevent the appearance and decrease the number of pests. This is the way to make your daily routine safer and more comfortable. 

Moreover, the newest technologies in pest control allow us not only to protect ourselves but also not to cause extra damage to nature.


4 Latest Innovations in Pest Control Technology

Latest Innovations In Pest Control Technology

Many latest innovations in this sphere are eco-friendly and contain less harmful ingredients. So no matter your issue – mosquitoes on the terrace or mold in the basement – you are able to handle everything!

Let’s reveal the latest innovations in pest control. The following tips and methods will help you to conquer any rival without a struggle. Here are 4 great options you should try. 


1. Pheromones as bio tools

The latest study about the population and lifestyle of Argentine ants and other types of insecticides demonstrates that such bio-rational materials are excellent for preventing or at least decreasing the speed of insect reproduction. 

This technique works very simply but has incredible efficiency. We can compare it to the VPN for PC: VPN software for Windows encrypts the Internet connection and hides the real data exchange between servers.

The pheromone-based technique is focused on preventing a male ant from finding a female one. As a result, such a method allows for changing the ordinary life cycle of insecticides without using any synthetic influence.


2. Attractive baits for flies

A sticker panel with elements of food and specific chemicals is a simple tool to get rid of different types of flies. You just need to set it in an appropriate place and let flies do their ordinary moves.

The ingredients on a panel will attract them and knock them down in less than 1 min after the touch. Besides the impressive simplicity, this method demonstrates very high performance and desired results.

You may use a sticker panel for most types of flies including fruit, fungus, houseflies, etc. This panel is quite long-lasting and may be effective during 6-7 months without adding new ingredients to it.

Such a technique is suitable for households, stores, warehouses, and other placements. Once you have noticed the increasing amount of flies you can replace the sticker panel again.


3. Birth control

Just think about such an idea: why kill mosquitoes and waste your time, resources, etc. if you could prevent their appearance? This is a wise, cost-efficient, and simple way of pest management.

Scientists propose using a method of birth control to decrease the population of pests and not impact other animals. 

Nowadays such birth control is used for combating birds. Just by rational deleting them from a food chain, it is possible to avoid negative influence on other animals in this chain. This technology may also be great for controlling the population of rats, mice, and other rodents.


4. Heat treatment

Using heat as pest control technology isn’t something very new. But recently scientists have created a new technique based on the heat that doesn’t cause toxic consequences to nature and alive creatures.

Moreover, this approach has become not only safer but also more efficient and stable. Modern heat treatment is based on using infrared rays.

These rays break normal physiological processes in the pests’ bodies by dehydrating the cells and tissues, and organs. In the end, such a technology is capable of destroying pests without causing damage to any physical items around. 


Additional Intellectual Solutions

Also, among the honorable mentions as pest control technologies are: using drones, flying lights, thermal imaging, AI sensors, and so on.

All these tools and methods are focused on helping humans live safely and comfortably no matter the nature issues. 

Anyway, the modern world allows us to use so many achievements such as iPhones, VeePN, cloud storage, and so on. There is a real opportunity to try any of the mentioned above pest control technology depending on your needs.

let modern techniques provide you with the essentials! Find out more about these and other efficient technologies for improving your space.


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