Tips to Get Rid of Termites While Protecting Kids and Pets at Home

Getting rid of termites could turnout frustrating especially with kids and pets. There are tips to get rid of termites while protecting kids and pets at home.

Termites are an annoyance. Termite (order Isoptera) is any group of cellulose-eating insects with a social organization that is strikingly similar to that of ants and bees while having developed separately.

Even though termites are not related to ants, they are commonly referred to as white ants. If left uncontrolled, termites may ruin your house. They gnaw through structural beams quickly and cause considerable damage.

You can opt for the frequent termite inspection and control in Mesa to spot the problem early on. You’ll save a lot of money and prevent potential harm to your residence.


How to Identify a Termite Infestation

Tips To Get Rid Of Termites While Protecting Kids And Pets At Home

Before we go into how to get rid of termites in your house, let’s go through how to spot a termite infestation. Unfortunately, it’s more complex than spotting a termite skittering along the grain of your wood.

Begin by inspecting your attic and all of your home’s cracks, joints, and fuse boxes. The following evidence indicates that your home’s foundation is being attacked.

  • Hollow wood: To determine this, try tapping or knocking on your wood for hollow or soft thudded sounds. Use a screwdriver to give your wood one more test. It’s not a good sign if you press the screwdriver into the wood and it rapidly gives.
  • Mud tubes: To go from the wood they consume to the earth, subterranean termites create their own “highways” of mud tubes. These mud tubes are about the width of a pencil and are made of wood and soil. Although their presence shows that you have termites, their absence does not always imply that you are free of them. It’s possible that subterranean termites still have something to build, and since dry wood termites don’t make mud tubes, you could already have them.
  • Head banging: You could hear an odd clicking noise inside your walls. This is because when they detect a threat, soldier termites shake their bodies and pound their heads on the wood to alert other termites when they detect a threat.
  • Swarm evidence: Subterranean termites shed their wings in masses when they move on to start a new colony. Termites may be hiding in a swarm of scattered wings.
  • Peeling paint: Termites damage drywall by letting moisture seep into the space between the surface and the paint, which then causes the paint to bubble or peel. There are several causes for the paint to buck, but if this happens along with other signs, you could have a termite infestation.
  • Frass: Frass, or termite droppings, may appear as little, granular, oval pellets on your door frames, baseboards, and windowsills.
  • Seeing live termites: You could stumble upon some live termites. It’s crucial to distinguish them from flying ants so you can understand who you’re up against. Termites have strong, uniformly-sized hind wings, straight antennae, and uniformly-sized rear wings. On the other hand, flying ants have bent antennae and varying-sized wings that are thinner in the middle.


Kids & Pets Safe Termite Control Tips

Kids and pets are lower to the ground than adults. With pets sniffing about and toddlers touching everything they can get their hands on, they mustn’t come into contact with anything that might injure them.

In addition to our experts avoiding setting bait boxes and traps in areas where children and dogs can get them, you must take precautions to keep your family safe.

  • Preparation

Before starting pesticide treatment, ensure your kids’ and pets’ safety and take the most effective plan according to needs. Here are some steps you can take before starting treatment:

  • All human and pet food should be kept in cabinets and refrigerators.
  • Remove all of your children’s toys, plates, playpens, and anything else that might come into touch with their mouths from the treatment area.
  • Remove any pet bedding, food bowls, toys, and anything else that will be in their mouths from the treatment area.
  • If feasible, remove all tanks, cages, and terrariums from the treatment area. Cover them with a towel or blanket if removal is not possible.
  • Keep children and pets away from the treatment area, either in a different room or outside the property, during and after the treatment until it has had enough time to dry. It is entirely safe to revisit the area once the spray has dried.

  • Natural Treatments

Suppose you see the beginnings of a termite infestation, for example, in a pile of wood in your crawl space or some firewood near your house.

In that case, you may apply some natural remedies to eliminate them and prevent a larger infestation. As natural treatments are a safer way for your family.

Here are a few natural termite exterminator techniques you may try:

  • Release Nematodes 

Nematodes are parasitic worms that feed exclusively on termites. You may release them into a colony, where the worms will eat the termites, destroying your home.

Nematodes are commonly found at pet stores and chemical supply stores that provide termite remedies. Many internet businesses sell nematodes, allowing you to search around for the lowest price.

Nematodes can treat your termite problem without bringing another pest into your house or posing other safety concerns.

Many individuals are concerned about utilizing termite treatment chemicals since they might harm their families and pets.

  • Let the Sun Shine in

Termites can be killed by direct sunlight. Termites are little vampires. They carefully avoid exposure to sunshine. In fact, they can be killed by direct sunlight.

If you come into a termite nest near your home, you can break it apart to expose the bugs to sunlight. You may also transport contaminated logs, furniture, or other things into a location in your yard that receives direct sunshine, killing the termites and preventing their spread into your home.

  • Apply Botanical Treatments

Directly apply the orange oil to the termites. Everything has natural enemies and poisons that can destroy it. Orange oil, which includes d-limonene, is one of them for termites.

This substance kills termites as soon as it comes into contact with them. Simply apply the orange oil to the termites and the afflicted region. Dry wood termites will be the most difficult to eradicate.

Termites can also be treated using neem oil. You must apply the oil to the damaged area and wait for the termites to gnaw up the oil-covered wood.

The termites are poisoned to death after consuming the oil. You will need to use neem oil several times to eliminate all the termites.

  • Sprinkle Borates on the Area

Termites may be killed organically using borax powder or sodium borate. Simply sprinkle the powder on the termites and the damaged area, or mix a powder-and-water solution to spray or paint on the affected areas.

You may also use the solution to repel termites by painting them on surfaces. This is especially beneficial for new construction since it provides a strong foundation for your home.

You may also use it for do-it-yourself projects like furniture or shelving.


Preventing Future Termites

After you’ve dealt with your termite infestation, you’ll want to avoid future infestations. The following are some of the most frequent termite prevention methods.

Kids &Amp; Pets Safe Termite Control Tips

  • Avoid moisture: Inspect your roof, gutters, and air conditioners for any signs of moisture. Because subterranean termites are attracted to moisture, keeping your house dry and free of leaks can help avoid their existence.
  • Clear wood away from home: Termite infestations can begin if firewood is stacked up near your home on a deck, porch, etc. Build outdoor wooden buildings with termite-resistant wood if feasible.
  • Choose the correct yard materials: Rubber, gravel, and wood-free mulch are all wonderful options. Avoid wood chips and wood-containing mulch as much as possible since they provide a handy feeding supply for termites.
  • Keep pipes and gutters clean: Without regular maintenance, pipes, and gutters can amass wood fragments and create moist conditions, which termites love.
  • Plan termite inspections: Call for a termite inspection if you detect any indications of termite activity. Many businesses will conduct these for free before determining whether treatment is required.


Final Words

Pest infestations may be dangerous to your family’s health and safety, so getting rid of them as soon as possible is essential.

Pet and child safety should be a top priority when spraying pesticides in your house. Never use treatments alone without first reading the directions or consulting a professional.


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