How to Use Ficam Bait Insecticide

Ficam bait insecticide has an orthoboric acid as the active ingredient which is a ready-to-use granular insecticide that controls a wide variety of various crawling insects.

This article will give a step-by-step guide on how to use ficam bait insecticide. In a situation where crawling insects like ants and cockroaches infest your property, you can use ficam bait to eliminate the entire pest population.

Before we proceed to the steps involved, do you know what a Ficam bait is? Let’s look into it!


What is Ficam Bait Insecticide?

Ficam bait insecticide is a ready-to-use granular insecticide that will kill different crawling pests. This product is weather and moisture resistant just like D-Fense Dust insecticide.

This makes it effective for long-lasting outdoor and indoor control. Ficam bait comes ready to use and can be shaken out right from the container.


Picture of Ficam Bait Insecticide

Ficam Bait Insecticide


How to Use Ficam Bait Insecticide

When using a ficam bait, you may need a measuring cup or weighing scale to help measure out the amount of product you’ll need to use.

  1. To cover large outdoor areas, we recommend you use a handheld granule spreader for crack and crevice treatments. You’ll need a bulb duster.
  2. Inspect your property inside and out, and know which crawling pest you have and what areas need to be treated.
  3. For broadcast rates, determine the treatment area’s square footage by multiplying the area length by its width.
  4. Ficam can be broadcast at a varying rate between 2 to 4 pounds per 1,000 square feet, depending on the treatment area.
  5. When you’re applying the product, measure out the amount of product you’re going to apply.
  6. Do not use any measuring cups meant for food.
  7. When you’re ready to apply, hold the product 4 to 5 inches above the ground and shake the granules out for perimeter treatments.
  8. Apply the product 2 to 4-foot bands around the structure.
  9. Sprinkle the ficam granules directly on the anthill and the surrounding area.

For full coverage once applied, it can take up to two weeks to see visible results. This accounts for the time it takes for some pests, like ants to take the bait and share it among the colony.


Where Do I Apply Ficam Bait Insecticide?

Ficam bait insecticide can be used indoors and outdoors. For indoors, the insect bait can be applied in attics and underneath appliances, within walls, voids, and behind wall sockets.

For outdoor, ficam insect bait can be applied around the perimeter of homes or buildings, structures, trees, wood piles, and other locations where insects may rest.

They can also be used in larger areas such as sports fields and recreational spaces. When ficam insect bait is used indoors in areas with low disturbance, the insect pain will last for up to two years.

When using outdoors, use by according to labeled instructions. Ficam bait can be used as a preventive method and applied in early spring before the planting season.

Check before damage to plants has occurred, they should also be applied as an intervention method to control insects every 4 to 6 weeks. You can buy Ficam bait here.



Ficam insect bait is safe to use and harmless to children or pets. When used according to label directions, always wear the proper personal protective equipment when applying this product.

When storing, be sure to keep it out of reach of children and pets. Ficam insect bait is weather and moisture-resistant making it an excellent product to control pests, indoors and outdoors.

When applying outdoors avoid watering your lawn immediately after you apply the product. Most active infestations cannot be controlled through the use of one product depending on what you’re treating.

You may need to use Ficam bait with residual insecticide, it’s like Supreme IT or foaming aerosol, or a flushing agent, like Pyrid in order to gain complete control solutions.

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