Top 10 Fun Ways to Play with Your Cat

You may expect your cat to lead a rich and fulfilling life as a cat owner. To do so, it needs to be healthy and playful. Cats spend much of the day sleeping, so keeping your cat active is crucial.

The first step to ensure the cat has a healthy and happy life is cognitively stimulating. It’s enjoyable to find activities for your cat to play, which can deepen the unique link you have. 


Fun Ways To Play With Your Cat

Here are some exciting new ideas to play with your furry friend to keep it entertained and active.


Cats have inborn predatory instincts, making it simple to involve them in play. Your cat might get alert and puff up its tail when it starts to stalk and pounce at seeing something as simple as pulling a thread across the ground. This hunting technique resembles how a cat may hunt an insect or small animal in the wild.

These types of games will not only mentally stimulate your cat but will also provide them with exercise. As a result, you might assist your cat in gaining agility and speed. Note that utilizing anything like a feather wand may probably work if your cat isn’t eager to chase after a string.


  • Fetch

Many cats enjoy playing fetch or chasing after the ball you toss, which may surprise you. This activates the brain region that would be used to catch prey. Calling its name and presenting it with a ball or toy they are sure to enjoy will help you get your furry pet’s attention first. 

When you throw the selected item, your cat should leap about in an attempt to catch it. After some practice, they might ultimately pick up how to give the ball back to you. Always have a treat ready when you call them back to reinforce good behavior.


  • Food Games

Since cats like to search and work for their food, puzzle feeders can be a great technique to utilize them. Food naturally serves as a motivator, so your pet will find the entire process of getting food through a puzzle rewarding. 

To prevent the cat from becoming frustrated, start with a straightforward puzzle that contains food. Gradually, you can advance to more challenging puzzles. You can accomplish this by creating your own food puzzle. Shop our natural selection of snacks to conceal.


  • Catnip

Catnip comes from the same plant family as basil and oregano. It has an oil called nepetalactone in its leaves, stems, and seeds. Just smelling this volatile oil gives cats a rush of happiness that lasts about ten seconds. Catnip can sometimes make a cat hyperactive and very playful, while it can calm the cat at other times.

Most pet stores sell catnip toys and sprays. But fresh catnip that you grow yourself might be the best choice. About half of cats feel the effects of catnip, which is caused by a chemical in the plant. Catnip is a good way to keep your cat active and interested if it is one of these cats. Too much catnip can make a cat sick to its stomach, so the quotation “everything in moderation” is accurate here.


  • Hide and seek

A game such as hide-and-seek can be used to strengthen the attachment between you and your cat. It is a great indoor game because you may hide behind a desk, couch, or bed. The objective is for the cat to stalk you playfully as if you were its prey! 

Some cats enjoy hiding so much that they conceal themselves as you search for them. This is an effective method for associating games with excitement and cerebral stimulation.


  • Ping Pong

A simple ball for ping pong can provide you and your cat with hours of entertainment. You can test your cat’s catching ability by tossing the ball against the floor or the wall and seeing whether it can get it. As cats attempt to get a swipe at the ball, they will look like feline acrobats due to the contortions and twists they will perform.


  • Tablet Games

There are numerous free games for your cat to play on your smartphone or tablet. Your cat can be entertained as they seek to catch a variety of moving mice, fish, and other enticing images, such as lasers. Observe as your fuzzy companion attempts to paw through the screen.


  • Fishing Rod Toy

These are great toys for energetic cats and will provide enjoyable playtime. First, draw their interest by dangling the toy fishing rod before them. While you swiftly move it around, just from your fur baby’s reach, it will chase after it, ducking behind pieces of furniture and into corners, even jumping to capture it in the air.


  • Teach a Trick 

Cat training is a terrific way to bond with your cat since most cats like it when done correctly, with patience and rewards. To begin, issue the command “sit.” Let your pet take a good sniff as you hold a goodie in one hand. Then, while telling the dog to “sit,” clench the reward into a fist and raise your hand to the chest. Continue doing this until your pet has gotten the hang of it, and don’t forget to praise them.


  • Go for a Walk

Many like training their cats to walk on a leash and wear a harness, even if it may appear unusual to some. Your cat may enjoy the great outdoors while remaining safe from traffic, other animals, and getting lost when you take them for a stroll. It’s also a terrific way for both you and your cat to work out.


Final Words 

Cats enjoy a wide range of activities and toys, so switching things around will keep them from getting bored. Trying out new, enjoyable activities with your cat promotes your pet’s physical and mental health. Kitty cuddling time won’t be the same if you can use your creativity. 

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