Getting Rid of Bed Bugs on the Sofa

Have you ever wondered what to do in getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa? Probably, you don’t know what to do.

In the event that you’ve ever had reason to think that your couch was infested with bedbugs, you may have wondered about getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa.

If that was ever conceivable. After all, the moniker “bed bugs” implies that these insects are discovered in beds, not couches.

Read on to know more about getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa.


 How did Bed Bug Get Into My Sofa?

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs On The Sofa

Bed bugs can hitchhike on a variety of items, such as suitcases, chairs, boxes, backpacks, and even people.

They won’t be riding shotguns on your current ensemble, but they will be in your boxes and suitcases because they love to hang out in laundry baskets during moves.

Since they are nocturnal, bed bugs will start to be active once the sun goes down. It’s easy for bed bugs to spread from your bed to your sofa if you like to spend time there in the evenings or in the mornings.

It’s also easy to unwittingly spread bed bugs from your backpack or purse to your sofa if you don’t take proper precautions.


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Evidence That There Are Bed Bugs on Your Couch

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs On The Sofa

Getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa will be a lot easier with evidence of their existence. You can get rid of the bedbugs without having to throw out your couch by following a few simple steps.

Verifying the existence of bed bugs is the first step. The first step in learning how to get rid of bed bugs on a couch is to inspect it.

To efficiently inspect your sofa for bedbugs, you’ll need a flashlight, a magnifying glass, a pair of gloves, and an old credit card.

To establish their presence and gauge the extent of the infestation, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:


1. Scattered black feces

Infestation of your couch with bedbugs is likely if you notice feces-like stains. Bed bug droppings will leave a telltale crisscross pattern on your furniture, whether it is upholstered or covered with fabric.


2. Skin Shedding

These are all telltale indicators that the bed bug life cycle is progressing normally. It’s also a sign that the pests are having their fill of human blood and developing into adults.


3. Eggs

Bed bugs may be discovered adhering to the sofa’s hard surfaces during the inspection. They’ll be around the size of half a rice grain.


4. Existing bedbugs

The presence of live bed bugs can be confirmed by the presence of their characteristic flattened form. Bugs with no wings and an oval form may appear, either quietly hiding or creeping along like ants.

Look closely, and you may even be able to make out nymphs, which are smaller and transparent-looking bugs, crawling around on your couch.


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Procedures for Eliminating Bed Bugs that May Be Hiding in Your Couch

Get to know about getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa. These are some things you can do after you know for sure that you have bed bugs on your couch:


1. First, get clean

The first practice in getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa is cleaning. It’s time to take the cushions out and take off the covers. Use the hottest water and dryer settings possible. Within 90 minutes at 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the insects will be dead.

However, if you adjust the temperature to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooking time drops to just 20 minutes. The eggs of the bed bug are more robust than the adults.

Therefore, if you want your possessions to be completely safe, heat treats them at 118 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes.

To be safe, run the dryer at its highest setting for at least 90 minutes if you are unsure of how hot it can become. You can dry the cushions on high heat if they fit in your dryer. Put them in a steamer if they aren’t already.

Transport the larger cushions to the laundromat. Dryers designed for commercial use can be heated to extremely high temperatures, penetrating even thick materials to kill bed bugs in couch cushions.


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2. Vacuum

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs On The Sofa

When getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa, vacuuming is considered effective. Despite popular perception, vacuuming is not enough to eliminate a bed bug infestation and should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy to manage the situation.

Furthermore, it aids in eradicating the unsanitary remnants of these pests, such as shed skins and feces.

You can get into the nooks and crannies of your couch, especially the ones you can’t easily access, by attaching an adapter to your vacuum that allows you to do just that.

At that point, it’s time to place the vacuum bag into another plastic bag and zip it up. Throw it away in the open air to stop the insects from returning inside.


3. Kill the bugs with steam

Bed bugs and their eggs can be killed instantly by steam cleaning, making it the most effective and eco-friendly means of killing them.

The Polti Cimex Eradicator and the Polti Vaporetto Smart 40 are two of our best-selling steamers. Effectively eliminating bed bugs, these steam cleaners are both potent and portable.

Each product generates hot steam that can reach bed bugs even if they are hiding in thick pillows.

Investing in a steam cleaner is worthwhile because the effective steam treatment may be repeated until the bugs are gone for good from your sofa.

Furthermore, it can be used for general housekeeping and sanitation in addition to heat treatment for eradicating bed bugs.

The Polti Cimex or the Polti Vaporetto Smart 40 are two excellent choices. Both provide remarkable steam power while being relatively cheap and low-impact on the environment.

Use the provided attachments to increase the efficiency of your cleaning. For a spotless home, use this steam cleaning hack: Use a tiny nozzle attachment and a washcloth to clean tight spaces. This will focus the steam in a small area, making short work of cleaning tight quarters.


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4. Spray your bed for any residual bugs using a bed bug spray.

You can use a chemical spray to eliminate any residual bed bugs and stop any new ones from emerging if you search for them.

However, if you have kids or pets, you shouldn’t do this because they could be harmed by chemical pesticides. Natural bed insect sprays are the preferred choice because they pose less risk to users.

This spray eliminates insects instantly and does not leave any lingering behind. You can also use diatomaceous earth to kill insects by simply spreading the powder in locations where they could be hiding.


5. Make use of traps for the pests responsible for the nocturnal bites

Set up bed insect traps under the sofa’s legs to stop a re-infestation. You can use sofa lifts to keep your couch off the floor if it is the type that typically rests on the floor.

Bed bugs can’t re-infest the couch since they’ll have to crawl through the traps rather than fly or jump over them.


6. If You Need Help, Call an expert

Call an exterminator if you see any signs of bed bugs after treating the mattress, box spring, and surrounding area.

If you want to rest easy knowing that trained professionals are handling the bed bug treatment, call a pest control service.

It’s possible that the cost will be high. However, this is your best bet if you have discovered bug activity in other parts of the room in addition to the couch.

If you’ve followed the steps above and still want to ensure that your couch is protected from future infestations, you may do so with the help of our FurnitureSafe Furniture Encasement.

Bed bugs can’t get in or out of the cover since it’s constructed of high-quality cloth and features a zipper with a hook clasp.

If you know how to get rid of bed bugs, there’s no reason to get rid of a couch just because someone slept on it.

If you want to get rid of these bugs for good from your favorite sofa, you can try the aforementioned approaches and alternatives.



At this point,  trust you have gotten to know about getting rid of bed bugs on the sofa.

When individuals find out their couch is infested, they usually get rid of it or take it to a location far away from their house, which is something that many people don’t even consider until it’s too late.

While this may be the first thing that comes to mind for some people when they discover bed bugs on their couch, it is not the best course of action.

To make matters even worse, it raises the possibility of missing an early warning sign of an infestation’s severity.

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