Grain Borer Control: The 4 Steps To Follow

The grain borer, a notorious pest, is frequently encountered in close proximity to grains and packaged food goods. These pesky critters have a knack for infesting food-storage warehouses, grocery stores, and even homes.

Grain borers have been known to find their way into residential properties through inadvertent packaging during the food packing process at commercial facilities.

These pesky creatures infiltrate these facilities with the sole purpose of indulging in their favourite meal – grains.

Once inside your humble abode, these pesky critters will scuttle about in search of delectable sustenance and cosy spots to deposit their eggs.

Keep reading this article as we identify this pest and mention effective ways to carry out pest control.


Step 1: How To Identify the Grain Borer?

Grain Borer
Picture of the Grain Borer

Identification, the crucial initial phase in effective control measures, cannot be emphasized enough. In order to effectively address the issue at hand, it is imperative to ascertain the presence of Grain Borers prior to commencing any treatment measures.

Introducing the remarkable Grain Borers – a species that possesses a unique set of distinguishing features. Allow us to delve into the distinctive traits that make these creatures stand out from the crowd.

One must take note of the presence of two distinct types of Grain Borers: the Lesser Grain Borer and the Greater Grain Borer (alternatively referred to as the Larger Grain Borer).

The differentiating factor between them lies primarily in their size, while their behaviour and the extent of damage caused remain consistent across both species.

  • The size of the pest can vary between 2 to 3 mm and 4 to 6 mm, depending on whether it is a Lesser Grain Borer or a Larger Grain Borer.
  • The typical appearance of these pests is a brownish-red or black hue.
  • Our team of pest control experts has observed that these pests possess a remarkable head shield, which functions as a protective hood for their delicate heads.
    Upon careful observation, it is evident that the physical structure of the organism in question consists primarily of two distinct components, namely the head shield and the abdomen.
  • Our professional pest control experts have observed that these pests possess antennae that are divided into three distinct segments.
  • These pests possess wings and possess the ability to take flight.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For the Grain Borer?

As seasoned pest control experts, we highly recommend initiating the process by thoroughly examining the regions where you typically store your precious food commodities.

We highly recommend conducting a thorough inspection of your shelves, cabinets, and pantries. We highly recommend conducting thorough inspections of garages, especially if any food items are being stored in that area.

As pest control experts, we highly recommend thoroughly inspecting the interior of your food packaging for any signs of unwanted visitors.

This includes carefully examining pasta, cereals, flour, beans, lentils, grains, herbs, rice, and other similar items. We highly recommend conducting a thorough inspection of your pet food as well.

We understand that you are in search of the source of the infestation, where the contaminated item is believed to be located.

We will thoroughly inspect all the packages of food goods mentioned above, as well as the areas where these food goods are stored.

As pest control experts, we diligently search for both larvae and adult Grain Borers within the packages.

Once you have identified a food package that has been infested with Grain Borers and their larvae, this is the precise location where our expert pest control treatment will be applied.


Step 3: How To Treat Against Grain Borer?

  • Preparation:

In order to effectively address the pest issue at hand, it is crucial to properly prepare the areas that require treatment.

During this crucial phase, we will diligently eliminate all infested items and meticulously sanitize the affected areas in preparation for the application of our specialized pest control products.

In order to effectively address the issue at hand, it is imperative that you equip yourself with the necessary tools, namely a high-quality vacuum and a reliable caulk.

As pest control experts, we strongly advise disposing of all food goods found in the areas where the contaminated item was discovered.

As pest control experts, we highly recommend disposing of all food items in your cabinets, shelves, and pantries.

This precaution is crucial because there is a significant likelihood of infestation, making it difficult to visually identify the affected products.

That’s precisely why we recommend disposing of all food products. Once you have disposed of all food items, our team of pest control experts will diligently employ a high-powered vacuum to thoroughly cleanse the interiors of your cabinets, shelves, and pantries.

Ensure proper application by strategically targeting the corners and meticulously treating minuscule cracks and crevices.

Next, we highly recommend utilizing a cloth thoroughly drenched in a potent solution of soapy water to diligently cleanse and sanitize all the various surfaces encompassing your esteemed cabinets, shelves, and pantries.

As pest control experts, we highly recommend utilizing a toothpick to meticulously clear out the tiny crevices where screws are inserted. These particular areas have gained quite a reputation for harbouring potential egg-laying sites.

Finally, we highly recommend utilizing caulking to effectively seal and close off any pesky cracks and crevices that may be lurking within the vicinity of your precious food goods.

  • Treatment Proper:

Now you’re prepared to administer our specialized pest control solutions. As pest control experts, we highly recommend the utilization of three exceptional products in your pest management strategy.

These products include Pyrid, Novacide, and Pro-Pest Pantry Traps. We will utilize Pyrid as both a contact spray and a space spray to effectively address your pest control needs.

Novacide, the mighty insecticide, boasts an impressive IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) that targets those pesky Grain Borers in their early stages of life, effectively thwarting their development into fully grown adults.

Finally, our team of pest control experts will employ the highly effective Pro-Pest Pantry Trap to entice the remaining resilient pests towards the traps, where they will be irresistibly drawn in and subsequently immobilized, leading to their ultimate demise.

    • Apply the Pro-Pest Traps:

This pest control product boasts a user-friendly design that ensures effortless application. Introducing the remarkable pheromone pad, a game-changer in the world of pest control!

With its effortless application, all you need to do is place this extraordinary pad right in the heart of the glue board.

Experience unparalleled convenience and effectiveness as the pheromone pad works its magic, attracting and capturing those pesky critters with ease.

Say goodbye to your pest problems and hello to a pest-free environment with this exceptional combination. Apply this product strategically in the vicinity where the infested object was detected.

This versatile product offers the convenience of being foldable into a tent-like structure or remaining flat, providing users with flexibility in their usage options.

These highly effective traps boast an impressive lifespan of approximately 3 months, ensuring long-lasting protection against pesky intruders.

    • Apply the Novacide:

Novacide, a highly convenient pest control solution, is available in the form of a ready-to-use aerosol spray.

For optimal application, it is recommended to invert the can and administer the product in a targeted manner, employing it as a precise spot spray.

Apply the spray in a manner similar to the effective Pyrid application technique, ensuring a distance of 1 to 2 inches between each spray, with a few inches of separation.

This remarkable pest control product allows for easy application in all the key areas where those pesky critters tend to hide and thrive.

Simply spray it in the top, bottom, sides, corners, and even those hard-to-reach spots where food goods are stored, such as shelves, cabinets, and pantries. Rest assured, this product has got you covered!

    • Apply the Pyrid:

Pyrid, the remarkable pest control product, boasts an unparalleled ease of use. This remarkable pest control product offers the convenience of a simple point-and-spray application method.

With its user-friendly design, eradicating pesky pests has never been easier. Just aim the nozzle at the target area and unleash the power. This remarkable spot spray is designed to be used with precision, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Simply apply a fine mist, maintaining a distance of 1 to 2 inches between each spray. Be sure to leave a small gap of a couple of inches between each application for optimal coverage.

This remarkable pest control product allows for easy application in all the key areas where pesky critters tend to lurk.

Simply spray in the top, bottom, sides, corners, and even inside cabinets, shelves, and pantries, targeting those specific spots where food goods are commonly stored.

Rest assured, this product has got you covered! This versatile product can also be utilized as an effective space spray in walk-in pantries. Simply direct the spray towards the ceiling for optimal results.


Where Can the Pest Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent the Grain Borer?

Prevention, the ultimate measure in achieving effective control, is of utmost importance. Introducing the ultimate solution to combat those pesky Grain Borer infestations – behold the transformative power of transferring your precious food products into tight-fitting plastic containers!

This ingenious method is guaranteed to revolutionize your pest control game and keep those bothersome critters at bay. Say goodbye to the woes of Grain Borer invasions and embrace a world of secure, airtight storage.

Trust us, your pantry will thank you! By utilizing the commendable practice of storing all food items in securely sealed plastic containers, you can effectively thwart numerous potential infestations, and potentially confine any existing ones within a confined space.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to adopt the practice of purchasing a week’s supply of groceries, rather than indulging in bulk buying and allowing food items to languish on shelves for extended periods, potentially spanning months or even years.

As seasoned pest control product reviewers, we must emphasize the importance of promptly addressing any undisturbed areas, as they become increasingly susceptible to infestations over time.

Additionally, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the packaging of food items prior to making a purchase. It is imperative to refrain from acquiring products that exhibit signs of punctures or tears, as these indications often suggest the presence of an existing infestation.

Introducing the highly effective Pro-Pest Pantry Traps, the ultimate solution for year-round pest control. With these remarkable traps, you can bid farewell to those pesky infestations once and for all.

Say goodbye to the constant worry of unwanted critters invading your pantry and hello to a pest-free environment. Trust the Pro-Pest Pantry Traps to safeguard your home and prevent any future infestations from taking hold.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Grain Borer Control



Please be advised that the removal of the infested item is of utmost significance in ensuring effective pest control measures.

As pest control experts, we highly recommend adopting the practice of purchasing only a week’s supply of food and diligently storing food items within sturdy plastic containers.

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