Homemade Fly Traps for Indoors

Are you worried about flies always infesting your home? There are homemade fly traps for indoors that would get rid of flies completely.

However, in this article, you will be learning how to make a fly trap. This is something I saw some people do on.

Homemade Fly Traps For Indoors
A Fly


How to Make Homemade Fly Traps for Indoors

This fly trap is very simple, and you will tend to spend very little to get this trap ready. What you need to prepare for this trap are:

  • A plastic bottle
  • Some tape
  • Scissors, or a knife, and
  • Some sort of decaying meat, eggs, or anything with an awful smell capable of luring flies.

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Steps Involve in making Homemade Fly Traps for Indoors

In this case, you don’t need to spend more to get the trap working.

  • Just cut that the top of the bottle off.
  • Add any water with an awful smell.
  • Add your decaying meat or eggs.
  • Place it in areas you find more flies.
  • Check and dispose of trapped flies after 24 hours.


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Why Do I need Homemade Fly Traps for Indoors?

The cons about this trap are, in some cases, you may not spend anything at all to get this trap working.

You can get the plastic from a bottle of water or drink you just consume, and the decaying meat or egg can be gotten from your waste bin.

And it will, in fact,  catch flies quite well, Why? Because you have something common or something in there, flies are craving for.

You can also use products like an old shrimp, put a couple of pieces of shrimp in there and You’ll find hundreds of flies coming around.

The more awful the smell, the more flies you get trap in there. Just ensure it is going to attract the Flies.

If you’re doing this from the house, which we are for some reason, ensure you know how they fly, figure it out and place the trap there.

Now, this will capture the flies for sure. Then around this container. You will get some odor.

The other thing that happens, if they don’t tell you is that you’ll also find maggots inside there.


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When cutting the plastic container, ensure it is done in a way that when the flies get in, they don’t seem to be able to find their way out of this hole.

They’re always flying around the edges, but the maggots, we discover, you can leave it in there because they will crawl up, and somehow, they crawl right out.

So, this at the basis of 3 to 4 maybe 5 days, then you get it disposed of properly.


Final Thoughts

When making the Do It Yourself (DIY) homemade fly traps for indoors, you have to deal with a few odors inside your home.

Also, you have to watch it as soon as it starts producing maggots. You want to get rid of it. And anyway, hopefully, you found these DIY tips helpful.

Feel free to share with friends and family having an indoor fly infestation. What is your secret to getting rid of flies? Let us know down the comment.

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