How do I Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches? | Easy Steps

How do I get rid of oriental cockroaches? Oriental cockroaches are normally found Outdoors, but occasionally, they can be seen wandering onto our property or even inside our homes.

They normally have no reason to come in but Oriental cockroaches will invade when the weather becomes too dry or too cold because these roaches tend to inhabit moist and damp areas.

They are actually greater threats for transmitting bacteria and disease than other roaches. So, it is necessary you know how to get rid of them yourself as this article is set to give you a solution on how do I get rid of oriental cockroaches?


How to Identify Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental roaches are common to encounter across the United States, although not as common as other room species like the American cockroach.

Read carefully as the following details will easily differentiate Oriental roaches from other cockroaches. Oriental cockroaches are among the larger species of cockroaches with females going to be about 1.25 inches in length and males growing to be about 1 inch compared to American cockroaches which can grow up to two inches in length.

The Oriental cockroach is smaller and stouter oriental cockroaches are typically dark brown or black in color with a matching program.

American cockroaches are a more neutral brown that fades to a lighter brown towards the end of the tail end. They are also lighter brown, but with two darker marks, even though they possess wings, the oriental cockroaches are incapable of flight.

Their wings are short and only cover three-quarters of their body length and female Oriental roaches don’t even have wings.

In American cockroaches both males and females have wings, however, only the males have wings that extend past the length of their abdomens. Thus, they can fly for short distances at a time. Be sure to use these details to see if you’re dealing with oriental cockroaches.


Picture of Oriental Cockroach

How Do I Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches
Oriental Cockroaches


Signs of Oriental Cockroaches

Once you have been able to identify the pest, check around your property to confirm their presence or find hot spots of activity.

For Indoors:

Look around areas where moisture tends to build up like all roaches. Oriental cockroaches need a source of water to survive common areas, to check out the kitchen and bathroom, and especially underneath sinks.

Look for leaks or other signs of moisture build-up. Also, be on the lookout, not just for the roaches themselves, but also look for their droppings, shed skins, and eggs.

Oriental roaches can tolerate colder temperatures and other road species Oriental roaches are known to inhabit and travel through sewer pipes.

They’ll feed on decaying material here and they can pick up all sorts of bacteria like E-coli or salmonella.

So it’s important to note down spots with plumbing that penetrate the wall and any cracks and crevices oriental roaches can use to heighten and even possibly use to invade your homes like door cracks or wall voids.

For Outdoors:

Look nearby for common harborage that most roaches would use for shelter. This can include Leaf litter wood, piles underneath rocks, and slabs underneath the foliage around the base of trees.

Also, within eaves, rain gutters, sewer openings in any voids, cracks, or crevices along with the structure.


How do I Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

When carrying out any pest elimination process, ensure to wear your personal protective equipment or PPE and remember to keep all people and pets off treated areas until dry.

To get rid of oriental cockroaches completely and permanently, you will need to find roaches inside and outside first.

You’ll need to conduct a perimeter treatment around the outside of your structure to stop any roach from infesting.

We recommend you use a liquid insecticide concentrate that’s made with the active ingredient bifenthrin that will leave a lasting residual such as Reclaim IT, Apex cockroach gel bait, and Ficam insect bait.

The bifenthrin in these products will work to kill pests when it comes in contact with and will also leave a barrier that prevents pests from crossing.


How to Apply

  • Using these products, we recommend you use 0.3321 fluid ounces per 1 gallon of spray solution, use 1 whole fluid ounce If you’re dealing with a heavy infestation.
  • This will treat up to square feet of the treatment area. We recommend you use this product in a 1 or 1.5 gallons handheld sprayer to make mixing an application quick and easy.
  • Fill your pump sprayer with a half-gallon of water and add your measured amount of insecticide concentrate and the rest of the water up to the 1 gallon.
  • Closed the sprayer and shake to ensure even distribution.
  • Pump the sprayer a few times to produce a low-pressure spray.
  • Apply your insecticide solution as a perimeter treatment around your structures, and foundation.
  • Create a barrier by spraying 3 feet up the structure and three feet out.


How do I Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches at Entry Points?

Entry points are spots the oriental cockroach uses to invade your home. We believe you noted this earlier in your inspection.

To get rid of oriental cockroaches at entry points:

  • Be sure to spray around doors windows opening.
  • By utility pipes, the garage door, and any other openings you may have found an adult roach.
  • Reinforce your outer perimeter by laying insecticide bait that will eliminate roaches after consumption.
  • We recommend you use ficam insect bait. Ficam is a ready-to-use granular insecticide that contains orthoboric acid.


How to Apply

  1. Use a rate of 2 to 4 pounds per thousand square feet of the treatment area or more.
  2. Apply 3.2 to 6 ounces per 100 square feet.
  3. We recommend you spread the product directly from the container or with a small cup.

To apply from the container:

  1. Open the container and remove the seal
  2. Hold the container about 4 to 5 inches from the ground and shake the product.
  3. Spray out in 2 to 4-foot bands around your treatment perimeter.
  4. Ensure you are at least 10 feet away from your structure.

Note: You can also apply ficam around trees, flower beds, mulch, and near woodpiles.


Indoor and Outdoor Treatment

It is necessary to treat indoors as well outdoors. We recommend you use a bait product, like Apex cockroach gel bait.

It is effective jailbait designed to kill roaches slowly after consumption. This gives the roach enough time to travel back to its nest before it dies, spreading the lethal poison to others.

Before you apply this product, ensure to eliminate food and water sources, clean your entire home. And ensure not using any harsh chemicals, only use warm water.

Wipe down countertops, vacuum floors, and take out the garbage. By cleaning up, you got rid of any competing food sources that can get in the way of your gel bait application.

To use Apex, just apply a small pea-sized drop of gel to cabinets, shelves, drawers, cracks, and crevices around plumbing entry points and wherever else you’ve seen roach activity.

Underneath appliances, you can apply a drop onto a card and slide the card underneath. Ensure it is not less than 12 inches of space between each application.


How do I Prevent Oriental Cockroaches from Returning?

Prevention is essential to keeping pests in check, even after you’ve applied products. The best way to stop pest activity is to make sure it cannot return.

  1. Once you’ve dealt with your roach infestation, the best way to keep oriental roaches from invading your home is to keep it clean dry, and free of extra moisture.
  2. Keep up with clean kitchens and bathrooms
  3. Address any sites of high moisture you may have found during your inspection.
  4. Be sure to clean out your rain gutters.
  5. Fix leaky faucets and repair faulty plumbing.
  6. If you haven’t already adapted to a regular cleaning schedule, clean your floors regularly, and ensure your sink is dry.
  7. Every night, do not forget to leave any food out, especially pet food.
  8. Outdoors, pick up any litter or debris that Oriental roaches can use as harborage.
  9. Seal off all voids, cracks, and crevices you found during your inspection by using copper mesh.



How do I get rid of oriental cockroaches? These roaches can invade our homes and caused many damages, they’re also capable of causing real harm by spreading bacteria to other clean surfaces.

Following these DIY guides on How do I get rid of oriental cockroaches? You will be able to control both indoor and outdoor infestation.

We guarantee you a permanent and effective smoky brown cockroach elimination. Do well to share your thoughts and share to friends as well.

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