How High Can Butterflies Fly? Ways of Movement

The movement of a butterfly is ascertained due to the question people ask, how high can butterflies fly? When you hear an insect with the name butterfly what comes into your mind? Is it a pest that carries butter around it back? It might not be so, relax as we are taking a full course on facts about a butterfly and its ways of movement.


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Facts About Butterflies

How High Can Butterflies Fly

First, before proceeding do you know that the butterfly is an insect, so insects have three main body parts which are;

  1. Head: This part of the butterfly carries the compound eyes, ears, and mouth including the brains.
  2. Thorax: This part carries the forearms and wings of an insect if any links the abdomen to the head.
  3. Abdomen: This part is called the lower part of the insect’s body as it contains the legs and the anus of that particular insect.

These are the possible parts of an insect known to science and human surrounding. Butterflies can be pretty adorable insects as most people keep them as pets and they are seen in most artwork and in studios.

How high can butterflies fly this is concerned with their movement, butterflies are aviary insect (that is insects that can fly), though with their little wings how high can they go, could these little wings take them anywhere that is what we are considering as our topic.

Do you really observe that the butterfly moves in a wandering direction, as their ways are not straight, it shocks to know that the way it moves is good for them? This movement is the best for butterflies as they can easily dodge flowers and trees.

If a butterfly were to move in the same motion of a bird that does not require too much flapping, while in flight, it is likely to fall that’s why it flaps it wings every second up to 500 times, that’s the reason at times the butterfly look like they want to fall all of a sudden the gain their stance.

Below are interesting facts about the butterfly you need to know:

  • The butterfly existed alongside the dinosaurs and is a primitive insect.
  • Butterflies are adult, fourth, and the last stage of the caterpillar.
  • They taste with their feet.
  • Butterflies flap their wings 500 times in a split second, very fast!
  • They are over 1500 species of butterflies in the world.
  • They are cold-blooded insects.
  • They don’t fly in the rain.
  • Butterflies migrate to a particular area every month to build a colony.
  • The need enough heat from the sun to enable them to fly.
  • They are present in every continent of the world.
  • They have a curly nose.
  • Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with glue from their mouths.
  • They feed on flower nectar.
  • Butterflies possess four wings.

Those are the facts gathered on butterflies as far as nature is concerned, furthermore, they are other facts you should know about a butterfly especially in its diet and attraction, including their habitat.


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Where Do Butterflies Live?

How high do butterflies fly relates to where do butterflies live, however, where do such lovely insects live, is it in trees or in flowers, your guess might be correct to a point, however, is that way the really live?

Moreover, butterflies do not particularly have a home because of the way it migrates but for the summer before migrating to another region the settle in tall grasses and attic, including inside your home.

In addition, the live-in your gardens feasting on your flowers, these are the possible places in your environment you can find butterflies.


What Do Butterflies Eat?

Do not be deceived by their names, they don’t feed on butter, their main source of food is flower nectar, also the can feed on crops and grains, to regulate their metabolic rate, which keeps their body steam hot and gives them energy combined with the sun for flight.

Butterflies are herbivores as earlier said but when in the caterpillar stage, they feed on both plants and insects that’s why they are called omnivores.


What Attracts Butterflies?

You see a butterfly around your home and you ask what’s it doing here, the butterfly does not choose to be in your home there is something that is calling it, something that attracts it, and below are those things listed in details.

  • Crops and Flowers: We said earlier that butterflies feed on crops like rice, so probably the rice plantation you have is what keeps them coming as the long for food, it won’t be a nice idea to get rid of them as they are no threat to you but to your crops.
  • Grasses: In their habitat, we made mention of grass as their primary habitat so if there is a presence of tall grass in your home you are likely to harbor butterflies.
  • Sunlight: In our previous article about the butterfly we recorded that butterflies need enough sunlight to warm them and generate enough heat for them to fly, that’s the reason behind when it gets to winter months the migrate, but if they are unfortunate to migrate and meet up in the rain if they don’t find a place fast enough to stay and pass the winter month, the might possibly die of cold and their colony alongside with them, but there is a way that they can survive the rain when migrating and that is to fly low in grasses.

Note, you have to be careful about the type of pesticides you use on your farm to avoid killing them or cause harm.


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How High Can Butterflies Fly?

Finally, to answer the query on how high can butterflies fly. The butterfly can not fly that high in the rain cause an average raindrop weighs 70 grams and a butterfly weighs 500 grams so if a touch of the raindrops comes in direct contact with the butterfly it might lose balance and fall to the ground.

Do butterflies fly taller than tall trees, skyscrapers, mountain peaks, jet airplanes, and hot air balloons? yes, they can as a measurement of the following items are carried out below.

  • A passenger jet flies to a height of – 36,000 ft and the butterfly can go above this to 39,000 ft.
  • Mount Everest is to a height of – 29,028 ft, and the butterfly can go above this to 31,000 ft.

These are the possible height at which the butterfly can go in the unit of measurement.


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Final Insight

Having known all these, in addition, myths and folktale as said that the butterfly stands for luck and fortune so as we said, it is not a good idea to get rid of them in your environment. This is how far we can go on How high can butterflies fly and other interesting facts about the butterfly.

Moreover, for further inquiries, queries on how high can butterflies fly? Feel free to contribute and contact us for more highlights on butterflies.

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