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What is a Group of Deer Called? Facts About Deer

In the world we live in, there are over 60,000 species of deers worldwide and these animals can be found everywhere in the world except Antarctica! But what is a group of deer called? what is their real name as a group? these are few of those questions that arise in the minds of viewers, researchers, as well as readers at the mention of the name “deer”.

This article is set to further arouse your interest in these animals, as it is fully packed with key facts pertaining to the individual deer, and the deer as a group. We at Pestclue are aimed at establishing info-based points in the minds of viewers to enable further understanding of the subject matter. Do enjoy yourself deer reader!


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Amazing Facts About the Deer

Deers have appeared in various forms of art, from cave drawings by the early men to mythology to religion, as well as in historic literature. The deer is a member of the family Cervidae and comprises of two main groups, the Cervinae, and the Capreolinae. You’ve probably heard of the elk, the fallow deer,  the chital, etc these belong to the group Cervinae while those belonging to the group Capreolinae include the famous reindeer, the moose, the roe deer, etc.


How do I Identify a Deer?

You’ve probably seen a deer before, but just like other people, mistook it to be an antelope or a goat. Well, you don’t have to feel ashamed or guilty anymore as we are set to help you the reader in identifying a deer when you see one. After reading this article and you’re asked “hey, what’s the name of that animal?” you’ll boldly say with a smile on your face “Alas! it’s a deer!

Below are facts to note when describing a deer:

A deer is a member of the second most diverse family Artiodactyla (mammals with hooves that have been divided into 2, eg, deer, goat, sheep, etc). As mentioned earlier, people often mistake the deer to an antelope, but one major difference between these two is their antlers (The antler of a deer is temporary and sheds yearly to regrow a new one while the antler of an antelope is permanent). The physical characteristics of the deer are:

  • Its long ears.
  • Its powerful legs.
  • An extremely small tail.

A deer exhibits a wide variation in physical properties; An elk stands to a shoulder height of 1.4 meters to 2 meters and bears a weight of 240 kilograms to 450 kilograms; A moose, on the other hand, stands to a shoulder height of 2.6 meters and bears a weight of 800 kilograms; A pudu reaches a shoulder height of 0.32 meters to 0.35 meters and bears a weight of 33 kilograms to 6 kilograms.

Apart from identifying these guys by their antlers, the coat color is another way of identifying these animals. Deers have a coat that varies between red and brown, though it can sometimes be dark as in the tufted deer; brown with white spots as in the fallow deer; grey as in the elk; all this depending on:

  • The species of deer involved
  • The geographical location of the deer

A deer has a gland in front of each eye that opens whenever they feel excited or angry, and this gland secretes a chemical factor used to mark its home range. These animals are also very good swimmers and jumpers, cool right?


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Interesting Points to Note About the Deer

  • Population: The deer can be found anywhere in the world except Antarctica where they have a low chance of survival.
  • In Africa: There is only one specie of deer (barbary red deer) in the whole of Africa.
  • Antlers: Although deers are known to have antlers as one of their major physical properties, one deer (the Chinese water deer) is an exception.
  • Names: A male deer is referred to as a buck, larger males are referred to as stags, a female deer is called a doe, a young deer is known as a fawn, and a group of deer is referred to as, hey hold on, we’re almost there.
  • Mating: During the mating season, the males use their antlers to fight against the females.
  • During Winter: During winter you probably won’t find any deer wondering about, as they will be resting due to minimum availability of food.
  • Abilities: Deers are very good jumpers and swimmers.
  • Breeding: The breeding period of a deer is dependent on the environment of the deer.
  • New Borns: A newborn deer can be able to walk after about half an hour of birth.
  • Sight: Deers have a very good night vision and have an all-round vision of 310 degrees.
  • The Largest Deer: The largest deer species that ever lived was the Irish Giant Deer which went extinct 11,000 years ago. Its shoulder measured to 7feets, while its antlers measured to 12feets.


What does a Group of Deers Eat?

What Is A Group Of Deers Called?
A Group of Deer Feeding

First things first, you should know that a deer is a herbivorous animal (meaning that it feeds on plants). Deers lack an upper incisor, so how do they feed? well, these animals have a dental pad on their upper mandible which they press against their lower enamel to grind very tough food.

They usually carry out the process of regurgitation, which means that they are ruminant animals. Regurgitation by ruminant animals is the ability to re-chew half-digested food and re-swallow again. Wouldn’t you have loved to have these abilities?

Finally to the deer diet! A group of deer may feed on a variety of grasses, tree barks, berries, twigs, nuts, mushrooms, etc. Although these group of animals is very lovely, they tend to become a very great nuisance to farmers, as their feeding diet leads to the destruction of crops.


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What is a Group of Deer Called?

Having known the fact about deers, let us take a look at what a group of baboons is called. This is actually not so difficult, but the reason behind their name is what people tend to ignore the most, but not to worry, we have been able to find suitable solutions to these problems.

What should I call a group of deers? Giving a suitable answer to your searched query, a group of deers is called a Buncha Rangale, or as most people would call it, a Herd. Collectively, a group of bucks is called a Clash, while a group of roe is called a Bevy.


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How Many Deers Make a Group?

Having known the suitable name for a group of deers, you will still be interested in knowing the numbers of deers that make up a group. A group of deers doesn’t have a specific number as a group of deer may number from 3 to 50 in a herd.

This will all depend on their location, the season of the year, and the species of deers involved.


Final Touch

Deers are very social animals and usually travel together in herds. Each social group is led by a female deer which stands as the head of the herd.

Having read to this point, we hope you have been able to gather sooting facts about the deer and the query “what is a group of deers called?” has been answered. Reach out to us for more info or queries.

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