What is a Group of Jellyfish Called? Key Facts About Jellyfish

Jellyfish are animals that live mainly in water, as we know fishes prefer moving in groups so what is a group of jellyfish called?

However, this question brought you to this webpage, however, we have gathered all the facts that will assist you with this question, just read on.


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Facts About Jellyfish

What Is A Group Of Jellyfish Called

Jellyfish are commonly known as Medusa-phase this fish belongs to a specific good gelatinous group. It also belongs to subphylum Medusozoa, this group is a top specie in the Cnidaria Phylum.

The jellyfish is mainly an aquatic animal, this umbrella-shaped animal lives and spends all its life in water. This specie of fish lives in surface water and also in deep-sea especially marine and are all over the world.

Some species such as hydrozoans live mainly in freshwater and they possess similar appearance as the jellyfish. The Jellyfish are very colorful and mostly found in coastal zones all over the world. They have rapid growth, maturing in a couple of months. However, the jellyfish don’t live for soon long as they die after mating. Moreover, the jellyfish is known to have existed for over 500-700 million years and more making it one of the long-existing aquatic animals.

In Asia, Australia, and Europe, the jellyfish is greatly consumed as a rich source of protein. Most people pay to eat a well-prepared jellyfish as a delicacy mostly in Asia.

The jellyfish can be aggressive when threatened, research shows that a good number of swimmers let’s say thousands of swimmers are been stung annually, the effects from the bite of this fish could lead to severe injury if not death.

The little box species of jellyfish are the major cause of these deaths.

The jellyfish are classified scientifically as

Phylum – Cnidaria

Subphylum – Medusozoa

Kingdom – Animalia


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What do Jellyfish Eat?

The jellyfish are mainly carnivorous, they feed on other smaller jellyfish, larvae, fish eggs, small fishes, planktonic organisms, and crustaceans. This fish prey with their tentacles using drift lines pattern, also when waiting for their prey, the spread their tentacles widely as the sink in the water.

Their tentacles which are poisonous containing nematocysts traps and kill the prey as soon as they come in contact with it, that pattern help bring up their mouth to ease feeding. The pattern in which the jellyfish swim will help them too in hunting and capturing prey, when swimming the bell spreads absorbing more water which in turn draws prey to their tentacles.

Some species of the jellyfish especially the Alaura hematoma to be precise are omnivorous, they feed mainly on the mixture of zooplankton and phytoplankton (microplankton) and other microscopic plants like dinoflagellates.


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What eats Jellyfish?

In our discussion earlier, we mentioned that humans feed greatly on the jellyfish to obtain a good amount of protein, however, it’s not only humans as there are also other animals preying on the jellyfish.

The sea anemones and other species of jellyfish (the Mastigias Papua in particular) eat the jellyfish, in addition, the swordfish, sharks, tunas, and penguins are predators.

When swimming and the jellyfish get left out on the river banks, animals like the fox, birds, and terrestrial mammals find the jellyfish very appetizing to eat, however, they are also considered as the jellyfish predators.

On the other, jellyfish themselves are also considered as predators leading top in the food chain chart. They struggle with fish for good diets eating juvenile fish and fish eggs, these actions don’t allow the recovery of fish stock.

Where Do Jellyfish Live?

They jellyfish are aquatic animals as a result, they spend most of their time in the water. However, they are some water-bodies that the jellyfish won’t live in.

The most common jellyfish known as the Scyphozoan jellyfish are never seen close to river banks due to their ability to sense the presence of predators.

The hydromedusae jellyfish live only in freshwater, the cosmopolitan hydrozoan jellyfish and craspedacusta sowerbii are also inhabitants. Research shows that jellyfish that inhabit freshwater are usually an inch and don’t sting.

In saltwater lakes, jellyfish are hardly found and most species live far off oceans.

What is Jellyfish Attracted to?

They are several things that attract the jellyfish, they are attracted to areas where plankton is largely available. Some species (the upsidedown specie of jellyfish belonging to the genus Cassiopeia) get attracted to shallow lagoons due to the excess availability of diets.

However, only a few species of jellyfish get attracted to tidal flux due to the high tidal flow.


What is a Group of Jellyfish Called?

We believe that this query ‘what is a group of jellyfish called?’ is what brought you to this webpage. However, reading to this point, we believe you must have gathered several facts about the jellyfish, keep reading as your query is given a suitable answer.

What is a group of jellyfish called? Answering this, a group of jellyfish is called a Bloom or a Swarm in rare cases. Both names have different application, however, the term bloom is used when a large group of jellyfish is gathered in a small place while swarm means having the jellyfish stays together.

In an event where there’s a sudden increase in the number of jellyfish going more than the expected number, an appropriate name for this group of jellyfish is a smack. It is observed that only scientists deep into the study of jellyfish use this term.

However, don’t be confused, they rightful name for a group of jellyfish is bloom.


Why is a Group of Jellyfish called a Smack?

In our previous paragraph, we mentioned and explained the different group names of a jellyfish. However, you might still be interested in knowing why a group of jellyfish is called a smack.

Smack is only used when there’s a sudden increase in the number of jellyfish more than its expected number. The jellyfish bloom ranges from 10,000 to 100,000 in square meters, however, anything more than this is considered as appropriate and the name bloom becomes unsuitable. This makes the group to be renamed as Smack.


Final insights

Jellyfish are good sources of protein abundantly rich, In the Asian continent, it is considered as a delicacy. Most people won’t mind paying to have the jellyfish included in their meals.

Having answered the query “what is a group of jellyfish called?” Together with interesting facts about jellyfish, we believe you’ve gotten your facts all sorted out. To suggest, contribute or request help, you can write to us.

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