What is a Group of Owls Called? Facts You Should Know

Owls are birds that are usually seen alone but in some cases, they can be seen in groups, so what is a group of owls called?

Exploring this site (pestclue), lots of articles related to this topic have been published. Your interest here is knowing what a group of owls is called, however, as you read on, that query is justified together with facts that will enlighten you about owls because our aim is to help you to know more about pests, pets, and animals.


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Key Facts About Owls

The owl is a large bird having a broad head, big feathers suitable for a quiet flight. These birds belong to the order Strigiformes, this order consists of over 200 species mainly nocturnal and solitary prey of birds.

The Northern hawk-owl and the gregarious burrowing owls are excepted as members. They are scientifically classified into:

  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Class – Aves
  • Order – Strigiformes
  • Clade – Afroaves

However, the owls belong to 2 families known as:

  1. True or typical owl scientifically known as Strigidae and
  2. The barn owl family is scientifically known as Tytonidae.


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What do Owls Eat?

Owls are nocturnal birds found all over the world mostly in isolated islands and polar ice caps, they feed on insects, other species of birds, small mammals, and fish.

Only a few species focus on hunting fishes, however, these birds do their hunting mainly at night.

They are very smart birds, knowing that the possibility of their prey to escape in darkness is low so they use this as a major hunting skill.

They are various types of owls like;

The crepuscular: this specie of owl carries out it’s hunting at hours when the day is ending and night is beginning. An example is the pygmy owl scientifically known as Glaucidium.

The Burrowing owl (Speotytocunicularia): this specie of owl is mainly active during the day carrying out its hunting activities. An example is a short-eared owl scientifically known as Asioflammeus.


Reproduction in Owls

Reproduction in owls is similar to all other birds, the owls lay eggs, these eggs are spherical in shape, white in color, and they are usually 4 to 12 in number.

At times, their number depends on the specie and the mating season. Research shows that the most common number of eggs the owl lays is 4 to 5 eggs.

When mating, the female owls do not mate with the same male throughout her lifetime.

The female burrowing species of owls won’t mind traveling outside her territory just to go in search of another male to mate. In addition, the male remains in its territory welcoming other females ready to mate.


Do Owls Attack Human? Aggressiveness

Owls adapt very well in the human environment, both live together quite well. According to Wikipedia aid with further research, an ancient once happened proofing that owls do attack humans.

This incident happens as a result of a photographer trying to take pictures of an owl protecting her eggs. However, these birds can be very aggressive when threatened.

How big can an Owl be? Appearance

What Is A Group Of Owls Called

As we mentioned earlier, the owl has over 200 species still existing, this bird has lots of colors and sizes all depending on their species and the region at which they are found.

The length of the most common owl ranges from 56cm to 78 cm and it has a wingspan of more than 1.3 meters. The owl is a big bird with weight ranging from 0.69 kg to 2 kg.

The owl’s voice sounds rough or harsh (hoarser), also their wings and tails well-shaped.


Where Does The Owl Live?

The owls are birds found in all locations of the world in both temperate and tropic regions. The Northern hawk-owl and the gregarious burrowing owls would rather stay in open areas like grasslands, trees, agricultural fields, and mountains.

The Northern hawk owl to be precise are found all over North America and is known to build a habitat in any open rooftops and nearby hills.

However, the gregarious burrowing owls have a good population because of its ability to travel far, surviving in isolated areas, temperate and tropic regions.

Where Can You Find An Owl?

The Northern hawk owl, gregarious burrowing owls, and other extinct species can be found in large numbers mostly in Greenland, Northern Europe, North, and Central America, Iceland, and Scandinavia. They mostly dominate Asia, Iran, India, Northwest Africa, the Pacific Ocean, and Canary Island.

In some species, they could choose to build a habitat in an open field, landmass, scrubby woodlands, mountains, hills, forests, rocky cliffs, treeless tundra, riverbanks, and seacoasts.


What is a Group of Owls Called?

Reading up to this point, we believe that you must have gone through all the facts about the owl listed above. Well, answering your searched query ‘what is a group of owls called?’, a group of owls is known as a Parliament.

Most people do get things mixed up trying to figure between a Parliament and a Congress which isn’t the right name for a group of owls.

In our previous article, what is a group of baboons called? we discussed facts about baboons and why a group of baboons is called a congress. However, it is not suitable in any way to call a group of owls a congress.


Why is a Group of Owls Called a Parliament?

Owls are very smart birds, this attribute to its wisdom and knowledge. In the French and British aristocracy, studies show that owls are linked to having originated from these regions.

Many myths state that the god of wisdom (Athena) was once helped by an owl, as a result, these birds were attributed to contained great knowledge.

However, the owl is a symbol of higher wisdom and also used to represent the guardians of the Acropolis. In conclusion, scientist attributed their group as Parliament.


Final Insight

Owls are very good biological pest control agents, with the aid of further studies, we discovered that a single specie of hungry barn owls can get rid of over 3,000 rodents without affecting the food chain.

Well, reading all these researched facts gathered in the articles, we believe your focused searched query ‘what is a group of owls called?’ is answered suitably. Visit us regularly to get updated with related articles and more.

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