How To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Potted Plants

Do you know how to keep earwigs out of your potted plants? You love tending to your potted plants. They look beautiful in your home or office, and it’s a great way to add greenery without having to spend time outside all the time.

However, something is making it difficult for you to keep your plants healthy. You’re finding small holes in leaves and stems, as well as noticing that they’re getting more and more withered every day.

Perhaps earwigs are the culprits here? Read on to find out how you can keep these pests away from your plants so that you can continue enjoying them!


What Are Earwigs?

How To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Potted Plants

Earwigs are common insects that are found in many places around the globe. While they have many predators and don’t pose much of a problem for humans.

They can be major pests for gardeners and those who grow plants indoors. Earwigs are about ¾” long and have a very distinctive appearance.

They have bright red or copper-colored bodies with very short antennae, six legs, and two long pincer-like appendages at the end of their abdomen.

These are called cerci, and they are used to protect the earwig from predators, such as birds and other insects. Earwigs typically feed on both plants and insects, so they are a problem for gardeners and anyone who keeps potted plants indoors.


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Why Are Earwigs A Problem For Potted Plants?

Earwigs can cause a great deal of damage to both potted plants and garden plants. They typically feed at night, and they prefer to feed on the underside of leaves.

This makes it difficult to see the damage, and it allows the earwigs to feed without being noticed. Earwigs have piercing-sucking mouthparts that they use to feed.

This means that they use a small hole to pierce the plant and then suck out the sap or juice inside. Small holes in leaves and stems are the first sign that you have an earwig problem.

As the pests feed, they can cause the plant to wither and die. This is especially true for pots where the pests are able to get ample food without being noticed.


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How To Identify Earwig Infestation

How To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Potted Plants

As mentioned above, one of the first signs of an earwig infestation is finding small holes in your potted plants. Look on the underside of leaves and stems to see if you can spot these holes.

Also, check nearby shrubs and plants to see if your pests are traveling to other places. If you notice earwigs in your potted plants, you can be fairly certain that they are also in your garden and other outdoor potted plants.

Be sure to check your other plants and make sure that you get rid of the pests as soon as possible. Earwigs will also leave behind a smelly brown or black liquid that has a fermented or beer-like smell.

This is their waste product, and it can make your plants smell terrible.


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How To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Potted Plants

Getting rid of earwigs from your potted plants and garden can be a little tricky. You’ll need to make sure that you use the right methods for the pests since they are insects.

You’ll also need to make sure that you don’t use pesticides that may be toxic to your pets. Here are a few methods that you can try to get rid of earwigs from your potted plants:

  1. Earwigs are attracted to light, so one method that you can use to get rid of them is to put out a bright light in the middle of the night.
  2. The pests will be drawn to the light, and they’ll be easy to catch and kill.
  3. You can also try using a sticky trap to catch the pests.
  4. Outdoors, use sodium lights instead of regular lighting.
  5. Repair any leaking faucets or drains in or around your home.
  6. Caulk up cracks and holes near your home’s entrances.
  7. To keep earwigs out, repair any holes in your window screens.
  8. Earwig pesticide should be applied 6-10 feet (1.8-3.0 m) away from your home.
  9. Attract birds to your garden to naturally kill earwigs.
  10. Vacuum up any earwig colonies you come across.
  11. To kill earwigs outside at night, make lighted earwig traps.
  12. Make earwig traps out of oil and soy sauce to catch and kill them.



Earwigs can be a major problem for those who keep potted plants indoors or in a garden. They can cause a great deal of damage to plants, feeding on the sap and causing both wilting and death.

Earwigs are also known to feed on insects, which means they can cause harm to more than just plants! All you need to keep earwigs away from your potted plants is a little diligence.

Be sure to check your plants regularly, especially if you notice that they are wilting more than usual. Check on the undersides of the leaves to see if there are any holes caused by earwigs. If there are, you’ll need to take action right away!

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