How to Use Nanotek Surfactant

Do you know how to use nanotek surfactant? Nanotek surfactant is used for many spot and broadcast applications, surfactants can be added to enhance the effectiveness of your pesticide or fertilizer product.

The nanotek surfactant will greatly improve any application by breaking the surface tension of your solution. So your treatment sticks to and covers more surface area. Do you find this interesting? this article is for you, read on to learn more.


What is Nanotek Surfactant?

How To Use Nanotek Surfactant

Nanotek Surfactant is a premium no-foam wetting agent that is used to improve the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers.

It does this by significantly lowering the product’s surface tension to a level that is below 21.5 mN/m, which results in unequaled distribution and penetration on the target.


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How to Use Nanotek Surfactant

Do you how to use nanotek surfactants? Below are procedures to effectively use this surfactant.

  1. You will need to mix this product with a pesticide or fertilizer in a handheld pump sprayer, backpack sprayer, hose end sprayer, or spray rig.
  2. Before mixing nanotek surfactant into your solution, read your pesticide or fertilizers label directions regarding surfactant or additive usage and additional directions.
  3. If your pesticide or fertilizer directions conflict with nanotek, follow the most restrictive label to determine how much nanotek surfactant is used by referring to the label’s directions.
  4. For spot applications, you can add 1 fluid ounce of nanotek per gallon of spray solution.
  5. For broadcast applications, you can add 8 fluid ounces per 100 gallons of spray solution.
  6. Mix your pesticide or fertilizer according to its label directions.
  7. Fill your sprayer with water until it reaches about 90% capacity, then add the proper amount of nanotek surfactants to agitate the solution.
  8. Then fill your sprayer to 100% capacity to create your completed solution.
  9. When you spray the nanotek surfactant will work to increase the surface area your application treats and ensures the solution sticks to treated areas.


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Where Do I Use Nanotek Surfactant?

Depending on your demand, they are several places nanotek surfactant can be applied. Use nanotek surfactant with pesticides or fertilizers intended for dry land applications depending on the pesticide or fertilizer.

Nanotek surfactants can be applied to plants and turf to completely coat foliage or they can be applied to man-made structures.

Apply nanotech surfactant when you want to increase the rate of control of your selected pesticide or fertilizer. This product will create more efficient chemical use and much less waste with more surface area. Treated pesticides or fertilizers will become more effective.


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Is Nanotek Surfactant Harmful to Humans and Pets?

Nanotech surfactant is safe to use and harmless to children or pets. When used according to label directions, always wear the proper protective equipment or PPE.

When handling this product keep children and pets away from treated areas until the product has dried.

Nanotech surfactant does not contain any active ingredients that will control pests or provide nutrients to plants or turf. You must mix this product with a pesticide or fertilizer to get any use from it.




Nanotek surfactant is a premium additive that greatly enhances the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers depending on the products you’re using.

Nanotek will help you control infestations or provide nutrients to your lawn. Did you find this article interesting? Feel free to share and keep visiting our website for DIY pest control guide.

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