The 4 Steps To Get Rid of the Swallow

The Swallow, notorious for its nesting habits in and around residential areas, tends to congregate in significant quantities as the arrival of Spring graces certain regions of the country.

In recent years, the presence of Swallows has become a growing concern, particularly in urban areas where these birds tend to congregate around structures and commercial establishments in significant numbers.

In order to effectively address your concern, it is crucial to ascertain that you are indeed encountering Swallows and not any other avian species.

Keep reading this article as we identify this pest and mention effective ways to carry out pest control.


Step 1: How To Identify the Swallow?

A Picture of Two Pest Swallows
  • The Swallow, a diminutive avian creature measuring approximately 4 to 8 inches in length, belongs to the esteemed Hirundinidae family. This esteemed lineage boasts a remarkable array of 90 distinct swallow species.
  • Swallows, commonly found in various shades, including brown, black, and grey, also exhibit a delightful array of vibrant hues such as blue, red, orange, and green.
  • These pests possess short, pointed beaks and mouths that are capable of opening to a considerable extent.
  • The avian species known as swallows possess elongated wings that are characterized by their pointed shape. Additionally, these remarkable birds are easily identified by their unique forked tail.
  • One of the key features that aid in the identification of swallows is their unique nesting behaviour. These avian creatures have a remarkable tendency to gather mud and manure, which they then skillfully apply to the sides of homes, walls, and eaves, fashioning intricate mud nests.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For the Swallow?

We will conduct a thorough inspection of the areas where you have observed increased avian activity.

As previously stated, it has come to our attention that Swallows have been observed perching on rooftops, ledges, air vents, and various other locations.

Birds have a strong inclination to seek out secure and snug nesting spots that shield them from rain, harsh weather conditions, and potential disturbances caused by other animals.

When conducting a thorough inspection, be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of Swallow’s presence.

These may include the presence of active Swallows themselves or indicators of their activity, such as droppings or the formation of mud nests.

Frequently, these pesky critters tend to be quite conspicuous as they possess a penchant for roaming and congregating in sizable swarms.

Although Swallows are generally harmless, their presence near residential or commercial areas can be quite bothersome.

This is due to the inevitable accumulation of a significant amount of droppings in areas where Swallows are abundant.

The presence of copious droppings not only results in an aesthetically displeasing environment but also poses a hazardous situation for pedestrians, as the likelihood of slipping and injuring oneself due to the droppings is significantly increased.

Swallows and their droppings have the potential to transmit deadly diseases, which is a cause for concern.


Step 3: How To Treat Against Swallow?

  • Remove Nest:

If the presence of a Swallow’s bird nest has been detected and it is conveniently accessible, it is advisable to proceed with the removal of the said nest in order to effectively communicate to the Swallows that their presence is not desired.

As pest control experts, it is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection of the nest to determine the presence of any eggs or hatchlings.

We specialize in the thorough removal and eradication of nests, ensuring the complete cleanliness of the affected areas.

Our expert team will diligently sanitize the locations where these nests have been active, leaving no trace of their presence behind.

If you happen to be dealing with the presence of Swallows and their mud nests on your home’s shingles, we recommend utilizing a water hose or a power sprayer to effectively eliminate these nests.

If you happen to come across any droppings, it is highly recommended to promptly eliminate them by means of spraying.

To deter avian visitors, it is imperative that you implement measures to render your dwelling uninviting and undesirable to our feathered friends.

    • Apply Bird-Flite Bird Control Spike:

To effectively deter Swallows from establishing new nests in the vicinity, we highly recommend implementing Bird Flite Bird Control Spikes in the specific areas where their activity has been observed.

Our stainless steel spikes are expertly designed with blunted edges, ensuring the utmost safety for both birds and humans.

This humane solution effectively deters birds from your desired areas, providing you with a reliable and ethical method of bird control.

Ensure that the surface where you intend to position the spikes, such as the eave of your residence, a ledge, or any other suitable area, is thoroughly cleaned.

Proceed by securely affixing the spike strip to the surface using an appropriate adhesive. This will effectively deter Swallows from inhabiting the area.

    • Apply Detour Bird Repellent:

After effectively removing droppings and nests, it is highly recommended to employ the use of Detour Sealant within the vicinity where the nest was previously established.

This strategic application of Detour Sealant serves as a formidable deterrent against avian creatures, preventing them from reoccupying the area and reconstructing their nests.

Detour, our exceptional all-weather solution, incorporates a potent hot pepper extract.

This remarkable feature ensures that not only will the solution’s stickiness be an unwelcome experience, but the avian creatures will also find the hot pepper formula highly unappealing.

Detour is a user-friendly solution that effortlessly tackles pest control issues, while its container functions similarly to caulk, ensuring effective application.

To effectively address the avian presence, we recommend employing a caulking gun to skillfully administer a specialized sealant along critical junctures of ingress, prominent perches, and various surfaces that have been compromised by the establishment of avian nests.


Where Can the Pest Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent the Swallow?

In order to effectively deter avian nesting within your residence moving forward, it is imperative to address the prevailing insect population in the vicinity.

As pest control experts, we understand that birds often rely on insects as a primary food source.

Therefore, by utilizing an insecticide concentrate such as Supreme IT in and around your home and yard, you can effectively reduce the available food supply for these avian creatures.

In addition to this, the application of Detour and the Bird Spikes serves as a sufficient exclusionary measure, rendering your abode highly unattractive to avian creatures seeking a nesting spot.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Swallow Control



It is crucial to employ a diverse range of control methods for optimal results.

Utilize the potent repellent alongside the strategic implementation of bird spikes, while simultaneously implementing proactive measures for pest control, such as diligently addressing and sealing any existing cracks and crevices on the exterior of your esteemed establishment.

As seasoned pest control experts, we highly advise you to make it a priority to thoroughly peruse all product labels and diligently adhere to the application instructions provided on these labels.

Your safety is of utmost importance, so we strongly recommend donning the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to shield yourself from any potential harm.

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