Best Ways to Make your Home Smell Better in 2 minutes

They are various ways to make your home smell better but in this case, we make it under 2 minutes. The smell of your home could lead to the way your friends or family respond to your invitation. In this article, we have listed the best ways to make your home smell better in 2 minutes, just keep reading.


Best Ways to Make your Home Smell Better in 2 minutes


Eliminating the Smell

The first thing to do to make your home smell better is to eliminate the source of those odors. You have sniffed around the house, trying to figure out where that smell is coming from, to truly eliminate an odor is to find the cause of the odor and deal with it at the source.

You’ve got to find where the source of that odor is to get rid of the symptoms. The smell once, you know, the source of that odor.

It’s really important to know the right product to deal with that particular cleaning conundrum. Search to determine what course of action. You’re going to take in terms of the product that you’re going to use.

But again, Try to use the right products that you only have to do the job. Once now, as you’re going about your cleaning and you’re done.


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Bringing Nice Smells

The second thing you need to do is bringing nice smells into the home. This will enable you to walk in and enjoy a pleasant scent.

Using Peppermint

Peppermint, I happen to think it’s lovely, but there are so many options and the recipe or the Ratio that you want to keep in mind, is for every cup of liquid that you’re mixing up. You might want to use between 5-10 drops of essential oil to perk up. 

Vacuum Cleaning

This technique is a pretty easy one and it kind of peps you up while you’re vacuuming. You can apply this technique by taking some essential oils and adding them to the filter of your vacuum cleaner.

Now, if you use a bag model vacuum cleaner, you can actually put a few drops of essential oil onto or into the bag. As the vacuum is working, you’ll notice a mild scent that is kind of pleasant, and in a while, it changes completely. 


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Using Zeolite

I recently started using something called zeolite which is a naturally occurring stone that helps to absorb odors and moisture.

So it’s similar to something like charcoal but the way that is explained as it’s like a microscopic sieve, so it absorbs.

Now, the cool thing about this is it looks like little Stones. You can place them in a sachet or you can put them even in a little vase and you can just stick them in areas they smell seem to exist.

The coolest thing about zeolite is that to recharge them, you just lay the stones out in the sunshine for about 6 to 8 hours, and then they’re right back to work as they did.

Opening your Windows

One free thing that you can do to make your house smell great is just to open the windows. It’s something that you can do as frequently as you think it’s necessary.


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Using Flowers and Plant

You can bring some flowers and plants into your home that are great for purifying the air. There are a variety of different plants and of course, if you have pets, you’ll want to make sure that’s the ones you bring home are safe for them.

You can check online or ask your florist for flowers and plants with good scents. Some plants like a snake plant or a spider plant are really great for keeping, your indoor air quality high.

Using Air Purifier

Even on the most basic level, an air purifier helps your home smell better. Because essentially what it’s doing is it’s bringing air in through one side.

It’s filtering it on the inside and then it’s shooting out. Fresh clean air that has been purified. There are no contaminants in there.

So that is going to mean that your house smells a lot better because of things like dander and odors and dead skin cells and dirt.

Like all those little micro things that you don’t see about are floating around in your air are now being cleaned in this filter.

So if you feel that your house is clean but you just can’t get rid of that stale musty odor. You might really want to think about an air purifier.


Simple Hacks to Make your Home Smell Better

I know how you can make your entire house smell like that. Grab a bowl filled with coffee beans.

Tea light candle: It’s better if you use a candle that’s in a metal cup, to keep the wax from dripping too much. Place it on the coffee beans. It smells like coffee already now.

Citric sense: This technique is very effective when you’re using an orange. Take the leftover peels when you make lemon tea, all you need is a peel. Begin with the orange small pieces and apply to boiling water and cinnamon and cloves to it. That’s a great combination. Let it boil for a couple of minutes then lower the heat cooking for 10 to 15 minutes and it’s done. You can already smell it. Let it cool for a bit now. Just put it in glass jars. You can smell the nice fruity scent.

Mixing orange peel with ginger: It gives us a strong and spicy touch. You can also use a lemon peel. Lemon and rosemary are great combinations. Just do the same thing. We did with an orange peel and you’re done.



The quality of the air in your home really does affect the way that you breathe, function, and live. And if you’re somebody who has allergies or asthma or, you know, a host of other health issues that are affected by indoor air quality, an air purifier, can make all the difference. Do well to tell us your experience trying these procedures.

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