What Do Oriental Cockroaches Eat?

Are you curious to know; what do oriental cockroaches eat? They eat a lot of things. Oriental cockroaches have evolved many adaptations that have helped them survive after their millions of years of existence on Earth.

One such adaptation is what they eat to survive. They are one of the most common types of cockroaches you will see around your house. Some people call them water bugs, while others have nicknamed them black beetles.

Curious to know more? Then read on. Let’s get into learning about oriental cockroaches, what they eat, their appearance, and their lifestyle.


What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Eat?
An oriental cockroach

Although the origin of oriental cockroaches is a bit uncertain, they are believed to have originated in Africa and migrated to other places from there, and are now a common household pest.

Oriental cockroaches have a unique body that sets them apart from other types of cockroaches. They are just about half an inch in length with a dark brown and almost black color, giving them the nickname black beetles. They have six legs and a pair of long antennae.

Female oriental cockroaches are longer than the males. The females have wing pads that are not functional, while the males have fully developed wings that cover half of their abdomen, but they do not use them for flying. They prefer to crawl and jump from one place to another.


Oriental Cockroach’s Life Cycle

The lifecycle of the oriental cockroach consists of three main parts: the egg, nymph, and the adult stage. The egg stage is the beginning of life for the oriental roach. These eggs are laid in something that looks like a capsule and carried by the female oriental cockroach for between 14 hours to 4 days before they will be deposited in a sheltered place away from predators and close to a food supply.

Each capsule has about 16 eggs placed side by side. These eggs hatch after a 2-month period to become nymphs. The female oriental cockroach has no maternal instinct and offers no help to its growing nymphs.

The nymphs will develop into adult cockroaches after a year. The adult oriental cockroach’s lifespan is 4-5 months. You will notice high activity of oriental cockroaches from around May to August.


What Do Oriental Cockroaches Eat?

Oriental cockroaches eat anything. They feed on garbage and decaying matter. They have a high preference for food that is high in starch. They also feed on the contents of trash cans.

Oriental cockroaches are called water bugs because they need water to survive. They can live without food for months but can’t survive without water for up to 5 days.


Where Do Oriental Cockroaches Live?

In cooler months of winter and fall, Oriental cockroaches enter the house to look for shelter against the harsh cold. When they are inside you will find them in the moist, dark places of the house.

In the bathroom, under moist sinks, exposed sewer pipes, and close to washing machines. In the outdoors, oriental cockroaches live in debris of decaying plants and wood piles. 


Signs That An Oriental Cockroach Is In Your House

The most obvious sign is seeing a live one. But because they are nocturnal, you may not get to see a live one. Look for signs of their egg capsules in the dark parts of the house.

Another way to know if there are oriental cockroaches in your house is the odor that they give off. Once you perceive a harsh, musty odor in your house, it could be a sign of a cockroach infestation.


How Do I Prevent Oriental Cockroach From Coming Into My House

  • Fix all leaky pipes around your house. When you do this, you take away their possible breeding environment.
  • Keep your trash well covered and dispose of it on time.
  • Get rid of leaf or wood debris in your outdoor areas so that oriental cockroaches can not stay there. If they are on your property when it’s warm, once it gets hot, they will enter your house to shelter.
  • You can create a chemical barrier around your home. Get an insecticide and spray it in places they will likely be when indoors. Spray it frequently in winter and fall months.
  • Keep your house clean. 


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Oriental cockroaches are one of the stubborn cockroach species that infest our homes and offices and are not easy to get rid of. Now that you know what they eat, try as much as possible to make it unavailable to them so that they will leave you and your home alone.

Remember, oriental roaches are water bugs, meaning they cannot survive without water, so minimizing the number of wet areas you have in your house will greatly curtail their activities. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out through our contacts.


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