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We are definitely aware of the fact that dogs are curious pets and would want to try out almost anything that comes their way, but why do dogs eat cat poop?

Although this somewhat disgusting behavior from your dogs is not so bad, cats can carry parasites that dogs can become infected with.


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Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop?

Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop
Dog and Poop

Many dogs appreciate eating a wide range of poop, causing us a deep sense of disdain. This conduct is absolutely normal; dogs are foragers ordinarily. That being said, dogs eat a wide range of things: trash, floor covering, rocks, and that’s just the beginning. Cat poop is simply something more to rummage and eat.

  1. Dogs could think cat poop smells gross, it presumably possesses a scent like cat food to your dog. Since ordinary cat food requests a dog’s feeling of smell, and many dogs love to eat cat food, this is one reason why they’re much of the time prepared to nibble out of the litter box.
  2. Cats are many times taken care of an eating regimen higher in protein and fat than dogs are. The fake flavors in their food can frequently move over to their stool. Frequently, their excrement will taste like cat food, which many dogs love.
  3. In the event that your dog is eating cat dung essentially in light of the fact that it tastes great, it tends to be trying to make them stop. You’ll have to remove admittance to your cat’s litterbox. Preparing can help, however, it isn’t generally powerful that rapidly.
  4. Eating poop, a propensity called coprophagia, can be the consequence of a lack of diet, yet as a rule, it is only the result of the investigation, which can turn into a persistent vice.
  5. As a component of the exploratory way of behaving, many dogs are drawn to and may ingest excrement, manure, and prey (dead or live). Also, the typical maternal way of behaving for dogs incorporates the utilization of dung and pee of youthful pups.
  6. Moreover, cat litter can be risky for dogs assuming they eat it in huge amounts. Fortunately, most dogs would need to eat a ton of litter before it could cause a blockage.
  7. Assuming your dog has eaten cat litter or amassed cat litter, watch out for him. Assuming that he has ordinary defecations, he’s likely fine. In any case, on the off chance that he seems to experience issues pooping, does not poop, or on the other hand, assuming his poop is strange, you ought to call your veterinarian.
  8. Notwithstanding these dangers, by and large, your dog will not endure any well-being side-effects from eating cat poop. Be that as it may, for yourself as well as your dog’s wellbeing, eating cat poop is one propensity your dog certainly ought to kick.


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What To Do If Your Dog Is Fond Of Eating Cat Poop?

On the off chance that you can’t get your dog far from the litter box, you can put resources into a covered cat litter box with a shut top or a “dog-evidence” top-passage cat litter box that makes it harder for dogs to get in.

In some cases, the cat poop being referred to is beyond your control. Assuming in an area where cats are pooping in your yard, there is little you can do to keep your dog from eating it, other than attempting to repulse the cats from your yard in any case.

  1. If so, take your dog in for customary visits to the veterinarian to ensure he has not gotten any inner parasites from his searching.
  2. To get your dogs far from cat litter, you can add a dark pepper or hot sauce to the litter blend. Dogs would stand it!
  3. At the point when your dogs get close to the cat poop, the smell of hot sauce and pepper will repulse them. This is a dependable method for making cat poop ugly for dogs.
  4. One fine approach to keeping dogs from eating cat poop is by cleaning the litter box at the earliest opportunity after the cat’s done with its deed.
  5. Assuming the litter box is perfect, dogs will not have the motivation to go close to it and eat the waste products. Thusly, you additionally forestall the awful poopy smell from spreading all around the house.
  6. Assuming cleaning each time is unthinkable, you can put resources into self-cleaning cat litter boxes that will clean and invigorate the potty without anyone else.


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Dogs eating cat poop may be disgusting and disturbing, but eating cat poop does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with your dog. This natural behavior does come with some risks, however, so do your best to prevent it by using these tips, and contact your vet for further advice.

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