Why Do We Love Cats? Study Reveals Myth

Why do we love cats? This is the big question some cats lovers can actually answer. This article is set to answer this question, also giving you facts that will make you love cats if you were to be a dog lover.

Obviously, the whole world is obsessed with these adorable furry features. So why not brush up on your cat facts?


Why People Love and Choose Cats

Being a lover of anything, you should be able to explain with reasons why you love such a thing. Below are possible reasons why people love cats;


Why Do We Love Cats


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Cat Myths

Mesopotamians and Ancient Egyptians

The Mesopotamians and ancient Egyptians were the first people to domesticate cats since these cultures were dependent on agriculture. The enemies of their livelihood were the animals that eat their crops.

It’s speculated that once they finally figured out that Wildcat sprayed, on these creatures, they fed the cats to keep them around. And this is how they slowly became domesticated.


Mourning Cat

When their parents died, Egyptian cat owners would not only mummify their beloved pets along with some mummified mice for their journey through the afterlife.

Also, shave off their eyebrows as a sign of mourning once their brows grow back the period was over. We’re talking about the cat owner’s eyebrows not actually shaving the dead cats. That would be weird.


Cat Jewel Beautification and Festival

Since the Egyptians thought of cats so highly, they accessorize their pets with jewels the richer and more aristocratic the owner, the bigger the jeweled collar, and the cat more. They also held an annual cat Festival.


Punishment for Killing Cats

In ancient Egypt. Anyone found guilty of killing a cat. Even accidentally was sentenced to death. Wow, that’s harsh. It was said that not even the fear, which, I’m inspired could save a man from this ultimate punishment.

American Novelist Ernest Hemingway

American novelist, Ernest Hemingway was also known for his collection of polydactyl also known as six-toed cats that still live on his estate in Key West, Florida to this day.

All of them are thought to be descendants of the original polydactyl cat named Snow White. That was given to him by a ship captain. Now you can’t talk about cats without mentioning the mystery and legends that surround them.


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Egyptians Goddess

You probably understand by now that the early Egyptians really love their cats. Did you know they even worshipped Cat Goddess, the most notable ones were named best and they were used for protection.

Egyptians thought that Bastet manifested physically as a cat and protected Egypt from Invasion. Just like a cat protects its owner’s home.


Folklore Lee Shao Goddess

In China, they have a similar cat goddess named according to the folklore Lee Shao which was given the responsibility of overseeing world affairs. When she decided to take a nap instead, a typical cat’s responsibility was then turned over to humans.


Slavic Mythology

In Slavic mythology, it was believed that a barn cat named over neck was the protector of crops and livestock. They also said that over neck would even burn down the homes of any doers, beware of cats with matches.

Scandinavian Goddess

The Scandinavian goddess of the crops rode on a chariot that was pulled by cats. Would you think I was going to say dogs or something? Cats were her favorite pets.


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Cat Folklore

It was only around the middle ages when cat folklore turns dark. During this time, cats were thought to be accomplices of witches and black magic.


Levin the Pussy Cat

Levin the pussy cat, Willow got its name from yet another Legend involving Levin the pussy cat. A mother cat was crying near a river one day because her kittens fell into the water and she knew she’d never been able to retrieve them.

It was at this moment that some reads bed over into the water so that the kids could use them to climb out to safety ever.

Since then the reads grow, these velvety blooms at the top as a reward for their kind act.


The Waving Mannequin Myths

Neko cat figurines. You might come across as an East Asian storefront or born from a legend about a cat at the go-to Coogee Temple in Japan.

It was standing in the doorway of the temple, watching passers-by, and raised its paws at around the same time. A feudal Lord was walking by seemingly calling him into the temple as As the Lord entered the temple, the spot where he had been standing just moments before was struck by lightning.

The Lord believes that the cat saved his life. And to this day, the beckoning cat is still seen as a symbol of success and happiness.

When given as a gift, they’re considered to bring good luck. Alright, cats do have a rich history in human culture.


Knack Cats Myths

You’ve likely heard about the knack cats which always land on their feet. No matter how far they fall. This is called a righting reflex.

They basically innate ability to orient themselves as they’re falling combined with their super flexible spine and collar bomb.


Facts Why you need a Cat as Pet

  • Cats taste sweet foods but they do have an extra organ that allows them to taste sense in the air. Apparently, that’s why they stare at you sometimes with their mouths open.
  • Cats have an outstanding balance. That’s only made better site by their long tails.
  • A cat’s whiskers are generally about the width of his body, they can use them to gauge whether or not they can fit into small spaces. It can be a matter of life or death when it comes to getting away from a predator. This is also the reason why you should never ever cut your cat’s whiskers.
  • Cats communicate with each other by spraying urine or scratching their claws on things in their environment. They also use vocal tones that range from light to very serious and aggressive tones.
  • If they live inside, you can usually see evidence of them marking their territory. On your couch, doors, curtains, and chairs, outdoor cats will try to mark or spray their territory on trees and fences.
  • Cats meow only to communicate with humans. Their natural vocal range is actually inaudible to people. Whether or not, they understand us, when we meow back, is another question entirely.
  • Communication in cats uses their tails to send different messages. A vibrating tail means, they’re happy to see you a tale that standing straight up with fur completely.
  • Puffed Out means they’re startled. It’s like the human equivalent of a eat. The quintessential question mark tail means they’re curious and friendly but still just a bit hesitant the tipped which means just the end is twitching back and forth. This is usually a warning that they’re starting to get agitated.
  • The tail hug is literally just that it’s when a cat sits down beside you and literally gives you a pseudo hug with its tail.
  • Cats are carnivores aside from cleaning themselves. That is why they have that rough sandpaper tongue It’s supposed to help them clean every last morsel of flesh from an animal bone.
  • Cats can drink seawater, unlike humans. Cats have kidneys that can filter out the salt from seawater.
  • The ridges on a cat’s nose are like fingerprints for people, which means no two kitten noses are exactly alike.
  • Kitten starts to dream at about a week old. You’ve also probably noticed that they sleep a lot, but it’s not because they’re lazy.
  • It’s just that their growth hormones are only released when they’re sleeping. In fact, cats spend about two-thirds of the day sleeping and about one-third of their awake time, cleaning themselves.
  • It’s been calculated that cat sleeps so much by the time they’re nine years old. They’ll technically have only been awake for three years.
  • Most female cats are right pod while most males are Left quad.
  • Cats purr at a frequency of about 26 purrs per second.
  • Cats have a homing instinct that allows them to find their way back to their familiar abode through a process called side.
  • Traveling is even speculated that they could have magnetized brain cells, and act as a compass. Ancient Egyptian cats are truly wondrous little creatures and we humans should be honored to share our lives in their presence if you don’t feel that way.



In conclusion, cats have always been man’s best friend right from ancient times. So, which cat fact did you find the most surprising? Let us know down in the comments. Don’t forget to share it with your cat-loving friends, and subscribe to stay on the recent update from pestclue.

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