How to Use Novacide Insecticide Flea and Tick Killer

Novacide is an insecticide used to control fleas and ticks. So, do you know how to use Novacide insecticide flea and tick killer? This aerosol insecticide has a growth regulator which is capable of controlling 70 other pests infesting your property.

In this article, we are discussing the easy and effective ways on how to use Novacide flea and tick killer. Before beginning, let’s help you understand what Novacide is.


What is Novacide Flea and Tick Killer?

How To Use Novacide Insecticide

Novacide insecticide flea and tick killer is an aerosol insecticide with a built-in insect growth regulator that breaks the lifecycle of targeted pests.

The product is made with pyrethrins Permethrin, the IGR is pyrid proposition, and a chemical synergist that boosts the product’s effectiveness.


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How to Use Novacide Insecticide Flea and Tick Killer

We typically recommend this product for indoor control of fleas, ticks, and cockroaches, but it can also be used to control ants and spiders in the pantry.

Pests like Indian meal moths and moths. Novacide lenticular comes premix in an aerosol can and requires no additional tools to use, just be sure to wear the proper personal protective equipment including gloves, a safety mask, protective eyewear, and long-sleeve clothing.


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How to use:

  1. To use Novacide insecticide flea and tick killer, you need to determine how much Novacide you’ll need to apply by measuring the treatment area square footage.
  2. 18 ounces can of Novacide insecticide covers about 2,300 square feet and an area of 100 square feet can be treated by spraying the product across the area.
  3. After 10 seconds before you apply Novacide, clean, and vacuum the area. This will capture pests and stop wandering around like adult fleas around carpets and furniture, or larval found in our pantry.
  4. Some shelves and genes for fleas will stimulate any leaves, you be causing them to emerge early and become vulnerable to treatments.
  5. To apply Novacide, shake the can well hold it at an arm’s length, and apply it to carpets, floors, furniture, and bedding.
  6. Apply on other surfaces where labeled pests can be found. This product will be applied parallel to the orientation of the can.
  7. To apply downwards, hold the can upside down pointing to the top where you want to apply.
  8. Use a sweeping motion and back away while holding the candle 36 inches away from the area being treated.
  9. To treat shelves, create a barrier along where the shelves meet the wall, by applying 1 to 2-inch spots of product, 1 to 2 inches apart.

Note: Do not allow people or pets into the treatment area until the product dries completely. Depending on the pests you are treating, you may need to conduct a follow-up application after 10 to 21 days.

When dry Novacide will leave a residual that will continue to treat the area for up to 7 months. Labeled pests that make contact with the spray or it’s residual will die within several hours.

Mature pests will be affected by the product’s IGR, which will stunt their growth and prevent them from becoming reproductive adults.


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Where Do I Apply Novacide Insecticide?

Novacide insecticide flea and tick killer can be applied indoors in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Apply this product to control pests in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, warehouses, kennels, and transportation equipment like ships and trucks.

This product can be applied on most floor surfaces like carpet and tile. It can be applied to boards, upholstered furniture, or pet bedding.

You can apply the Novacide insecticide when you notice your home is being infested with fleas, roaches, ticks, or other labeled pests. This product also provides a 7-month residual effect. It can be used as part of a preventive program.



We recommend you apply Novacide insecticide twice a year for your own protection. Novacide flea and tick killer is safe to use and harmless to children or pets.

However, being used according to label directions will enable effective pest control. This product is labeled to treat fleas and ticks, do not apply this product directly to any pets.



  1. Remove any pets from the area and cover fish aquariums before using these products.
  2. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment or PPE when handling chemicals.
  3. Do not allow people or pets into treatment areas until the product has dried completely.
  4. This product may stain some surfaces. So test on a small inconspicuous spot before full treatment to check for any dulling or colorfastness.
  5. Avoid contact with antique finishes and leather upholstery.


Last Thoughts

Understanding the process involved in how to use Novacide insecticide flea and tick killer will save the time and money spent on hiring any pest control expert to eliminate pests.

Novacide is an insecticide aerosol that will treat a variety of pests as well as eliminate their lifecycles. Thanks to the built-in IGR.

These IGRs are the most active investigations that cannot be controlled through the use of one product, depending on what pests you’re treating.

You may need to use Novacide with other residual insecticides and IGRs that can be applied outdoors and Indoors just in order to get complete control.

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