How To Get Rid of a Sparrow Infestation

Sparrows, those petite avian creatures, have a peculiar affinity for establishing their humble abodes and resting spots in the vicinity of human habitations.

Sparrows have a strong inclination towards selecting man-made structures as their preferred nesting spots. These structures include building walls or eaves, street lights, and nest boxes.

Keep reading this article as we identify this pest and mention effective ways to carry out pest control.


Step 1: How To Identify the Sparrow?

Sparrow Control
Picture of the Sparrow
  • Sparrows, those tiny avian creatures, typically boast a modest stature ranging from approximately 5 to 6.7 inches in length.
  • Our expert pest control team has observed that these pests typically possess bodies of a light brown or tan hue.
    Additionally, it is worth noting that some species may exhibit wings adorned with dark or black streaks, although it is important to remember that the coloration can vary among different species.
  • These pests possess a spherical cranium and exhibit a relatively robust physique in comparison to their slender avian counterparts.
  • Sparrows, notorious troublemakers, have been known to wreak havoc on buildings and homes due to their excessive droppings.
    These unsightly messes not only pose a threat to the aesthetics of your property but also create an ideal environment for disease transfer.
    The droppings of these pests possess acidic properties that can cause harm to various surfaces such as paint, metal, and structures.
  • Pests tend to thrive in close proximity to human activity. In urban and suburban areas, we often encounter these pesky creatures making themselves at home, nesting and perching on the cracks and crevices of buildings.
    Pests of this nature are typically observed with less frequency in agricultural areas and other rural environments.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Sparrow?

When it comes to avian pests, sparrows have quite the reputation for infiltrating both indoor and outdoor structures. Therefore, it is advisable to begin your inspection by focusing on the interior of the building.

During our inspection, it is essential to thoroughly examine the attics and meticulously assess the various cracks and crevices present within these areas of your home.

Additionally, it is advisable to thoroughly inspect wall voids as well as cracks and crevices located in close proximity to the ceiling.

During your thorough inspection, it is recommended to conduct an outdoor search in the vicinity of your buildings, paying close attention to areas such as the roof, eaves, soffits, fascias, rain gutters, window sills, vents, and both the surrounding and interior sections of chimneys.

When inspecting a commercial building, it is advisable to thoroughly examine the interior signage, awnings, and roof edges for any signs of pest presence.

As a pest control consultant, it is important to identify and locate sparrows, their nests, and their perching sites. To effectively address the avian presence on your premises, I recommend employing a proactive approach.

Begin by utilizing binoculars to keenly observe the flight patterns of these birds. This will enable you to identify potential nesting sites concealed within cracks and crevices, as well as pinpoint their favoured perching locations.

Once you have identified the areas where these pests habitually congregate or where their nests are situated, that is precisely where you will administer the necessary pest control measures.


Step 3: How To Treat Against Sparrow?

  • Apply the Bird-Flite Bird Control Spike:

The Bird Flite Bird Control Spikes are an exceptional solution for addressing the issue of Sparrows nesting or perching in unwanted areas.

These spikes, made from durable plastic, serve as a physical barrier that effectively impedes the birds from accessing those locations.

To effectively deploy the product, it is recommended to strategically position them in desired locations. This can be achieved by utilizing screws and nails, taking advantage of the pre-made holes thoughtfully incorporated for effortless application.

Alternatively, a robust adhesive glue can be employed to firmly secure the product in its designated spot. It is advisable to strategically apply pest control measures in all the observed perching sites.

Our highly effective bird spikes are available in convenient 1-foot lengths, which can be easily customized to suit various use sites by cutting them in half.

  • Apply 4 the Birds:

Introducing 4 The Birds, an exceptional repellent gel specifically designed to address your avian concerns.

This remarkable product is expertly formulated to be applied directly to edges, window sills, and any other areas where birds tend to perch.

When encountering a nest, it is crucial to prioritize your safety by ensuring proper protection for your mouth, nose, and hands. This will help safeguard you from potential hazards.

Additionally, it is advisable to consult the guidelines provided by your state and local authorities to ensure that you are following the appropriate procedures for nest removal, if feasible.

In order to effectively utilize this product, it is imperative that you possess a Caulking Gun. For optimal pest control effectiveness, it is recommended to utilize beads with dimensions of 1/2 inch in width and 1/2 inch in height.

For optimal pest control, it is recommended to carefully administer the product along window sills, roof edges, awnings, and any other areas where Sparrows have been observed nesting or perching.

Please ensure that you carefully review the label for comprehensive instructions on how to apply the product.

Typically, a single application has the potential to provide effective Sparrow control for a duration of approximately one year.


Where Can the Pest Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Sparrow?

Once the pesky Sparrows have vacated your premises, it becomes imperative to alter your surroundings in order to render them less hospitable for those pesky Sparrows, thus deterring their potential return.

Commence by diligently inspecting and fortifying the exterior of your esteemed property, ensuring that any minuscule openings, crevices, or fissures are promptly sealed, repaired, or securely closed off.

Eliminate rain gutter issues and provide protective screening for chimneys and vents. Apply Stuff-Fit Copper mesh to effectively seal off cracks and crevices that require attention.

We will diligently work towards eradicating any cracks, crevices, and voids in your home.

To effectively manage areas with frequent human activity and food availability, such as farms, parks, fairs, etc., it is advisable to eliminate bird feeders or implement “do not feed” signs on your premises.

This will help eliminate the food source for these avian creatures.

By regularly applying Supreme IT, you can effectively eliminate insects from your home or property, thereby removing a potential food source for Sparrows.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Sparrow Control



Sparrows, those pesky little creatures, have a knack for sneaking into openings in your humble abode and creating nests in various nooks and crannies.

They can infiltrate your structures, dryer vents, attic vents, sheds, barns, and even chimneys. Once sparrows have discovered a location to their liking, they will promptly commence swarming the vicinity in substantial quantities.

We highly advise the utilization of 4 The Birds Repellent Gel and Bird Flite Bird Control Spikes to effectively deter Sparrows from inhabiting your premises.

Our specialized repellants are designed to render sparrow-roosting locations highly inhospitable. Thanks for reading!

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