Summer Ants and How to Get Rid

There are 5 common Summer ants that invade your home and property. Well, summer brings hot weather and dry days both conducive conditions for all kinds of ants.

This will cause these ants to establish nests in and around your property, infesting stored foods, and posing threats to you or your structure.

Also, they are pest control products any homeowner can use to treat and get rid of this ant infestation. So, in this article, you will learn the 5 common summer ants that invade your home and property in summer and products to get rid of them.


How to Identify Summer Ants That Invade Your Home and Property 

The first step to resolving this pest infestation is to identify which ant species you’re dealing with. We’ll go over some ants commonly found in the United States that will invade your home and property, especially during summer.


1. Carpenter Ants

Summer Ants That Invade Your Home And Property In Summer

Carpenter ants infest and inhabit wood and wood structures. As the nests grow, the wood becomes weaker and creates safety risks for you and your property.

Carpenter ants are among the largest ant species with workers growing up to three quarters of an inch in length. They’re typically brown or black in color, but they can have red yellow or orange markings as well.

They also have a very abdomens, all species of carpenter ant prefer to inhabit dead or decaying wood. But they’ll also infest wood structures like home or sheds.

If you’re dealing with ants and doors. You can follow their trails to look for the openings they’re using to invade. If they’re carpenter ants, then you’ll see small piles of wood shavings near these openings.


2. Little Black Ants

Summer Ants That Invade Your Home And Property In Summer

Little black ants are small and black in color, these ants grub 1/16 of an inch in length and are native throughout the United States.

Though they’re prominent on the East Coast, outdoors, they’ll infest rotting wood, and the cracks, or in between pavements.

When they infest indoors, that’s usually because conditions outdoors have grown too harsh and the indoors provide food, shelter, and water.

Inside homes, they’re usually seen in kitchens or bathrooms, washing hand sinks. Little black ants will get inside when squashed or threatened. They’ll emit a foul odor that’s not too different from rotting coconuts.


3. Odorous House Ants

Summer Ants That Invade Your Home And Property In Summer

Odors house ants are small, growing up to 1/8 of an inch in link and they’re typically brown or black in color. These ants are attracted to sugary foods, outdoors, they’ll feed on honeydew from aphids and scale insects.

If you find them invading indoors, you may want to check your kitchen or pantry to see if you left any sweets exposed.


4. Pavements Ants

Summer Ants That Invade Your Home And Property In Summer

Pavement ants are common ants, typically found in urban areas because they build large colonies underneath pavement and concrete.

Like all other ants, pavement ants will infest indoors in search of food, water, and shelter. Pavement ants grow up to 1/8 of an inch in length with a black, or light brown body color.

They look similar to black ants, but pavement ants are noticeably larger. When these ants invade indoors, you may find them traveling on the floor or along the wall near door frames.

Outdoors, you can see this ant along hills built along gaps, and cracks and pavement with a small dip in the middle.


5. Imported Fire Ants

Summer Ants That Invade Your Home And Property In Summer

Imported fire ants are a big deal nobody wants to get stung as a result of a fire ant infestation aggressiveness. Imported fire ants won’t hesitate to defend themselves when their nest is threatened.

Bites and stings from imported fire ants will cause intense pain, itching, and blistering if left untreated. Imported fire ants are prominent in the southern US.

They’re slightly larger than pavement ants but smaller than carpenter ants, growing to about 1/4 of an inch in length.

They have yellow or reddish brown bodies with dark abdomens. There are typically found outdoors near moisture commonly underneath sidewalks against a home’s foundation or along trees.


How to Get Rid of Summer Ants That Invade Your Home and Property

After you have identified the summer ants species infesting your home and property, you can move on to the next steps of your pest control plan with the confidence that it would get rid of your infestation.

To get:

  1. Apply products like Bifen L/P and Supreme IT across your lawn to eliminate them from your property.
  2. Use a foaming product, like Pyrid Aerosol to treat cracks and crevices.
  3. Indoors fire ants may travel through. Use lasting bait products like ant traps to lure ants into consuming the poison and spread it throughout the colony.



These common summer ants that invade your home and property in summer for many homeowners, it’s become a big deal during the summer as they invade our homes or poss other risks to our health or property.

Being able to identify which you’re dealing with is a vital first step to all control plans with these professional products and tips you can stop summer ants from infesting your property.

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